obama-wrongTwo liberal newspapers admit ‘gun show loophole’ has nothing to do with crimes Obama claims to target

In a sweeping power grab that shreds the Constitution, Barack Obama has issued presidential edicts mandating that every gun sale in America be reported to the federal government and cannot be approved without permission from Washington.

The intent is to make it easier to arrest law-abiding citizens and make Americans too afraid of their own government to exercise their constitutional rights.

Ever the political showman, in a tearful performance Obama claimed his edict will stop criminals from buying guns.

Even the nation’s two leading liberal newspapers aren’t buying that.

The Washington Times reports:

From the 2012 Newtown school shooting that reignited the gun debate to last month’s terrorist shooting in California, the firearms used were purchased from licensed dealers by individuals who all passed background checks.

In that California case, the terrorist couple used weapons bought by a friend, who passed the background check then gave the guns to the husband and wife who would go on to kill 14 people. Enrique Marquez, the friend, has been indicted on charges of lying on his background check application because he didn’t reveal his plans to turn the weapons over — but he did pass the background check.

Chris Harper-Mercer, who went on a shooting spree at Umpqua Community College in October, used guns he and other family members bought, each of them clearing the FBI’s mandated background check. And in the case of Newtown, gunman Adam Lanza used weapons that had been legally purchased by his mother.

In more than a dozen mass shootings since Newtown, analyses by The Washington Post and New York Times found none of them involved firearms purchased from unlicensed people — the so-called “gun-show loophole” — that Mr. Obama moved to crack down on this week.

But even requiring all sales to go through a background check does nothing to catch criminals.

In 2014, economist John Lott studied the numbers.

Obama isn’t going to like what the reality has to say about his claim background checks stop criminals.

In 2010, the Justice Department reported about 10,405,000 background checks were conducted on gun sales.  Lott found only 76,142 of sales were initially denied.

That means only 0.735 percent of gun sales were blocked by background checks.

But reality isn’t done yet with mocking Obama.

Of those 76,142 denied sales, virtually all of them were false, flagged because of paperwork errors.

And nearly every single one of those 10 million gun sales was approved.

In the end, of the 10,405,000 gun sales run through the federal background check system, only 13 criminals were caught and sent to prison.

That means over 76,000 Americans were wrongly flagged as criminals, and only 13 actual criminals were caught.

Thirteen criminals.  Out of 10,405,000 background checks.

That means literally 0.0001 percent of gun sales were to criminals.

In fact, by making it harder for law-abiding Americans to own guns, Obama is increasing the number of gun deaths at the hands of criminals.

But somehow Obama can’t work up any tears over that.