Barack Obama failed to secure our borders.

Because of his open-border policies, criminal gangs were able to plant their roots in American communities.

Now he’s being called out for his failure and the media is furious.

Donald Trump has kept his word and is cracking down on illegal immigration.

After eight years of Obama placing them in handcuffs, ICE officers can finally do their job.

And arrests of illegal aliens have jumped 32 percent in Trump’s first three months in office.

Trump noted this was because his administration is cleaning up the mess left behind by Obama.

He declared Obama’s open-border policies allowed the MS-13 gang to grow in America.

Trump also commented on MS-13 during an interview on Fox and Friends.

His remarks came on the heels of four young people found slaughtered on a soccer field in Long Island.

MS-13 members are suspected to be the killers.

The Daily Mail reported:

‘I’m talking about illegal immigrants that were here that caused tremendous crime that have murdered people, raped people. Horrible things have happened. They are getting the hell out, or they are going to prison.’

Last week four young people were found brutally slain near a soccer field in a park on Long Island.

The killings are among 11 that have struck the working-class immigrant communities of Brentwood and Central Islip since last September. They’re all suspected to be at the hands of the MS-13 street gang.

The victims were identified as 16-year-old Justin Llivicura, cousins Michael Banegas and Jefferson Villalobos, both 18, and 18-year-old Jorge Tigre. Police believe all four were murdered where they were found.”

The media immediately rushed to Obama’s defense.

Politico used the typical fake news approach of “without citing evidence” in their reports about Trump’s remarks.

This is a standard the so-called mainstream media never applied to Obama who spent eight years blaming every ill in the world on George W. Bush.

The media just accepted it as fact.

Nor did they ever once question any claims made by Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign.

But their fury cannot escape a few simple facts.

MS-13 did grow under Obama.

And because President Trump is cracking down on illegal immigration, arrests are up and border crossings are down.