When push comes to shove, Obama proves he has Bill’s back, even if it means covering up his past sexual assaults.

As more and more women step forward to speak out on the horror Bill and Hillary Clinton have put them through, many Americans are convinced more than ever they don’t want the Clintons anywhere near the White House.

Many are calling Hillary to drop out of the Presidential race for continuously enabling and covering up Bill’s history of rape and sexual abuse towards women.

Others are showing up at Hillary’s campaign rallies and protesting in a sign of solidarity to the dozens of women Bill has victimized throughout his political career, sending a clear message that sexual assault will not be tolerated.

As American Patriot Daily previously reported, during a recent Hillary campaign event, a rape protestor was beaten by a mob of Hillary supporters and then kicked out of the rally.

The protestor was clinging to the security rail as Hillary supporters beat on him.

At another Florida rally, a rape protestor was forcefully shoved by a Hillary supporter, and then quickly taken out by security.

Even more horrific, Bill Clinton publicly mocked the rape protestor as he was being thrown out of the venue, saying,

“Give this guy a hand. They have had a terrible week and he’s just gotta do this.”

And it looks like President Obama is taking cues from Bill, as he too recently silenced a rape protestor at a Cleveland rally.

The rape protestor showed up and yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist” hoping to draw attention to the Clinton rape scandal.

But instead of acknowledging the protestor, Obama took a different path.

The American Mirror reports:

“The president tried to ignore the protester at his Cleveland rally, powering through reading his teleprompter.

Then, his face grimaced. His head twitched.

After that, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Hold on a second, young man,” Obama said. “Don’t be interrupting everybody, come on.”

Then he tried to overpower the protester by starting up a “Hillary” chant.

“Come on everybody, let’s do our little chant.”

“I noticed this is happening everywhere and I keep on telling folks, you gotta organize your own rallies,” the president said.”

And at a North Carolina rally, again two protestors yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist”, and Obama cheered as they were escorted out to ‘Hillary’ chants.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“You know, this is the great thing about politics in America,” Obama said. “It takes all kinds.”

“Folks will just do… do all kinds of stuff,” he said. “Now where was I?”

Obama had the chance to publicly condemn Bill’s violence against women, but instead resorted to insults and covered up their voice with mindless chants.

Do you think Obama should have silenced the protestors with a ‘Hillary’ chant, or do you think he should condemn Bill’s past history of sexual violence towards women?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.