The liberal media was having a field day.

After Donald Trump delivered his speech in response to the Orlando terror attack, where he called for a tougher crackdown on allowing radical Islamists to enter the United States, Obama and the left-wing press mocked him as “un-American.”

But a disturbing new report from the CIA just proved Trump was right.

In his speech, Trump declared that radical Islamic beliefs were being imported into America and that we have the power to stop it:

“The media talks about “homegrown” terrorism, but Islamic radicalism, and the networks that nurture it, are imports from overseas.

Yes, there are many radicalized people already inside our country as a result of the poor policies of the past. But the whole point is that it will be much, much easier to deal with our current problem if we don’t keep on bringing in people who add to the problem.

For instance, the controversial Mosque attended by the Boston Bombers had as its founder an immigrant from overseas charged in an assassination plot.

This shooter in Orlando was the child of an immigrant father who supported one of the most repressive regimes on Earth. Why would we admit people who support violent hatred?”

Trump called for a halt to immigration from countries with known ties to terrorism.

The reaction on the left was fierce.

Media outlets denounced his speech.

And both Hillary and Obama ripped his plan.

But a new report from the CIA proves Trump was right.

Bloomberg reports:

Islamic State will intensify its global terrorism campaign by directing as well as inspiring attacks in the U.S. and elsewhere, despite its mounting territorial and financial losses in Syria and Iraq,” CIA Director John Brennan said.

The organization “will probably rely more on guerrilla tactics,” such as the attacks in Paris and Brussels in the past year that were directed by its leadership, Brennan told the Senate Intelligence Committee at a hearing on Thursday. “It will also seek to inspire more attacks similar to those in San Bernardino, California, in December and in Orlando, Florida, this week,” he said…

The Central Intelligence Agency Chief’s stark assessment of the group’s intentions and capabilities contrasts with the Obama administration’s portrait of the group as being in decline because of increasing success in the U.S.-led military campaign to retake territory that the group has claimed, and to cut off its oil income and other revenue.

But ISIS also has the means to carry out attacks in the West and is figuring out how to use the refugee program to infiltrate Western nations.

Bloomberg also reports on the CIA finding:

“We judge that ISIL is training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks,” he said. “ISIL has a large cadre of Western fighters who could potentially serve as operatives for attacks in the West.”

Bottom of Form

The group is also probably exploring how to infiltrate operatives into Western countries, including through refugee flows, Brennan said, in a comment that may bolster Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s calls to temporarily bar refugees from places “where you have terrible terrorism.”

Trump’s call to stop the flow of Islamic migration from known terrorist hot-spots isn’t paranoid rambling.

It’s backed up by the intelligence gathering conducted by our own CIA.

It was Obama and the liberal media who ended up with egg on their faces.