Barack Obama’s assault on the Constitution won’t end when he leaves office.

Obama specifically zeroed in on the Second Amendment.

He just made his intentions known that his fight to end gun rights will continue.

Obama kicked off his second term by exploiting the tragedy at Sandy Hook to the press for a national gun registration database.

The legislation failed because pro-Second Amendment Senators held firm on a filibuster.

Obama called that defeat his most “disappointing.”

Rather than accept his loss, he continued to make the case that restricting gun rights is something Americans must accept.

Writing in the Harvard Law Review, Obama attacked Americans who pray for the victims of gun violence as offering ‘token gestures’ and that gun control is the only meaningful step to take:

“I’ve tried to remind the country of how much common ground we can find on these issues. After a tragic shooting, we always come together to wrap those who are grieving with our prayers and love. But as I’ve said many times: [O]ur thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

They alone won’t “capture the heartache and grief and anger we should feel,” and they do “nothing to prevent this carnage from being inflicted someplace else in America.”

We have a responsibility to act. And like the vast majority of Americans — including the vast majority of gun owners — I believe we can take commonsense steps to reduce gun violence that are consistent with the Second Amendment.”

Obama also boasted of the steps his administration took to gut the Second Amendment, but he also noted that the work of taking away Americans’ gun rights is unfinished:

“As an Administration, we’ve made some meaningful progress on keeping guns out of the wrong hands through background checks — whether it’s making clear that anyone in the business of selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks, or dedicating more resources to ensuring those background checks are conducted on time.

We’ve also jumpstarted the development of smart gun technology.

As long as we’ve got technology to prevent a criminal from stealing and using your smartphone, then we should be able to prevent the wrong person — including kids — from pulling the trigger on a gun.

But there’s a great deal of work left to be done. Congress should pass the kinds of commonsense reforms supported by most of the American people — from investing in access to mental health care to expanding background checks, to making it possible to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists. The actions we take won’t prevent every act of violence — but if even one life is spared, they will have been well worth it.”

The last point worries many Americans.

Obama and Eric Holder announced that a group focusing on redistricting will be a key priority.

They want to elect enough down-ballot Democrats to redraw state legislative and congressional maps.

If they succeed in their goal of politicizing redistricting, they can draw maps that will lock in an anti-Second Amendment Democratic majority.

And then Obama will be able to avenge his gun control defeat.