Voters in the United Kingdom stunned everyone when they passed a referendum to leave the European Union.

It was a major victory for nationalists and conservatives against open borders and global trade deals highly favored by the bureaucratic elites.

But no one was more shell-shocked by this defeat than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Both Obama and Clinton offered support for the Remain campaign before the vote.

Obama even undertook the unprecedented step of traveling to Great Britain to attempt to blackmail their citizens into remaining in the European Union by threatening economic catastrophe if they voted to leave.

The Daily Mail reports:

President Barack Obama told Britain today that it would have to ‘go to the back of the queue’ if it leaves the European Union, then tries to negotiate its own trade deal with the United States.

 A US-UK trade agreement is not going to happen ‘any time soon,’ Obama said during a joint news conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

‘Not because we don’t have a special relationship but because given the heavy lift on any trade agreement, us having access to a big market with a lot of countries rather than trying to do piecemeal trade agreements, which is hugely inefficient,’ the U.S. leader said.

 Obama faced a furious backlash overseas this morning over what has been called a ‘downright hypocritical’ push for Britain to stay in the European Union.

In a highly controversial intervention in the EU referendum campaign, Obama pleaded with British voters in a local newspaper and then the press conference not to cut ties with Brussels.

 ‘The United States wants a strong United Kingdom as a partner, and the United Kingdom is at its best when it is helping to lead a strong Europe,’ Obama said during a news conference at Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.”

 Speaking on Hillary’s behalf, one of her chief foreign policy advisors also backed the campaign to remain in the European Union.

Politico reports:

“Hillary Clinton, too, cautioned Britons against scuppering decades of ever-growing trans-Atlantic cooperation. In April, Jake Sullivan, her top foreign policy adviser, said the Western alliance has always been “strongest when Europe is united.” Donald Trump, on the other hand, while at times a full-throated supporter of Brexit, cautioned in a TV interview, “I don’t think anybody should listen to me because I haven’t really focused on it very much.”

In the final days before the vote, the political establishment believed the Remain campaign would emerge victorious as the final polls showed Remain surging into the lead.

But the hopes of the globalists were dashed when the early returns came in and they were far stronger for the Leave campaign than expected.

Many pundits also attributed the loss of the Remain campaign, in part, to Obama’s interference.

And Donald Trump painted the Leave’s victory as a rejection to Obama.

Politico reports:

Instead, the result is a talking point for Republicans —“I actually think his recommendation perhaps caused it to fail,” mused presumptive nominee Donald Trump on his golf course ribbon-cutting trip to Scotland on Friday — and a death shiver for many Democrats who suddenly see Hillary Clinton’s collapse in the face of Trump’s nationalism as a very real possibility.

 The White House tried to spin the loss and minimize Obama’s impact.

However, their talking points could not change the fact that Obama traveled to the United Kingdom and made himself a public face for the Remain campaign by threatening Great Britain with economic doom if they voted to leave the European Union.