Former President Barak Obama is living large in Italy this week.

He received a staggering $3.2 million for delivering a speech to a sold-out audience in Milan as part of his lucrative post-presidential speaking tour Tuesday.

Apparently Wall Street Bankers got a bargain when they only gave him hundreds of thousands for his remarks last week.

And that included his hosts putting him up at extravagant Park Hyatt hotel, which can cost up to $9,000 a night.  His entourage took up two floors of the hotel.

The British paper The Express reports:

“After bringing the city to a standstill with a convoy of 14 cars, a helicopter and a 300-strong police escort, President Obama’s entourage reportedly took over two floors of the hotel.

The former Commander-in-Chief also took a private tour of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana museum, and the city’s cathedral.

President Obama has enjoyed weeks of holidaying since leaving Washington on January 20, including kite-surging lessons with Richard Branson.

In a move that was highly criticized even by former colleagues, he picked up $400,000 last week for a speech to Wall Street bankers – which he accepted in September while he was still President.”

President Obama will give his speech in Milan at Seeds and Chips, a conference on the impact that technology, innovation and climate change will have on food availability and production worldwide.

After the address, he will take part in a conversation with Sam Kass, the Obamas’ White House chef who also helped run Michelle Obama’s public health campaign.

What did these 3000 people get for the millions they spent?

Some of the wisdom dispensed in the hour-long address included: “people get the politicians they deserve” and “the mark of a good political leader is someone who empowers other people.”

The AP reported:

“Obama’s keynote address focusing on the intersection between climate change and food security, two issues that have long been an Obama focus.

Obama noted that food production was the second-largest driver of climate change after energy production. At the same time, he said, climate change is creating shrinking agricultural yields and spiking food prices that “in some places are leading to political instability.”

“In fact, some of the refugee flows into Europe originate not only from conflict, but also places where there are food shortages. That will get far worse as climate change continues,” Obama told the conference. “So if we don’t take the necessary action to slow and ultimately stop these trends, the migration that has put such a burden on Europe already will just continue to grow.”

Following the speech, he engaged in an hour-long conversation with former White House chef Sam Kass, who asked what he did not miss about the presidency.

Obama replied that he was happy to be out of the security bubble and regain some freedom of movement. But he said there was still a price.

“Now I am only captive to selfies. Which is almost as bad,” the former president said. “I can walk anywhere, as long as I am willing to take a selfie every two steps.””

So, Obama believes that “climate change” – and not ISIS and civil war – is responsible for the flood of Muslim migrants seeping into Europe?

Possibly the former President has suffered some injury from being subjected to the selfies.