The gun rights debate has been going on for quite some time. However, the NRA gave everyone a shock on Thursday, when they made the decision to join the effort to make more restrictions on the Bump Stock firearm accessory.

The Bump Stock is not necessarily a new invention. However, its recent use by the infamous Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock is pushing the Bump Stock and its capabilities into the spotlight.

These devices make it possible to essentially transform a semi-automatic rifle into a fully automatic one. It does this by forcing the firearm to mimic the rapid discharge of an automatic weapon. It appears that this device is able to get around current laws that ban the use of fully automatic weapons.

According to The Washington Post:

Federal law enforcement officials have said that Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock fired weapons outfitted with bump stocks Sunday, leaving 58 dead and hundreds injured in a matter of minutes. Experts have said that audio of the attack makes clear that the shooter unleashed a torrent of bullets faster than he could have fired without adapting his rifles.

As the country’s largest gun rights group, the NRA exerts considerable influence among conservative voters who support the organization — and on the GOP’s approach to gun policy. Many Republicans have operated under the fear that opposing NRA positions could lead to primary challenges. But public opinion is also on the minds of Republicans as they head into a midterm election year that is expected to be contentious. Regulating bump stocks could help the party combat perceptions that it has done nothing to address the mass shootings.

 Lawmakers will start to consider adding more restrictions to the Bump Stock. More than 12 Republican Senators are onboard with the idea, as are some of the most conservative lawmakers in Congress. According to White House  Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Trump is also wanting to be part of the conversation about  Bump Stock restrictions.
However, not everyone is onboard with the idea. The Washington Post states that Republican Mitch McConnell (Senate Majority Leader) has made comments that it is ““completely inappropriate to politicize an event like this.”
Time will tell if any restrictions do come into play involving Bump Stocks and their use in the United States. Unfortunately, if the Las Vegas shooting is any indication, it’s very apparent that technology is moving at light speed, and legislations simply aren’t keeping up.