voter-fraud-billboardsDemocrat committed hundreds of acts of crime Democrats insist does not exist

Election fraud does not exist, according to Democrat candidates like the one just convicted of over 500 cases of election fraud.

“A Democratic candidate for mayor in upstate New York is in hot water after authorities arrested him for submitting fraudulent petitions that contained signatures witnessed by people described simply as ‘slim black woman,’ ‘light skin lady,’ and ‘black lady at the bus stop,’” The Daily Caller reports.

Voter fraud is so rampant among Democrats they’re now committing it against each other.

“Following the arrest, further allegations of a stolen election have sprung up between warring factions in the local Democratic party, creating a scene in which the party known for a similar scheme to steal ballot lines from their opponents a few years ago is now being accused of similar tactics against their own members,” the Caller reports.

But one Democrat made the fatal mistake of committing election fraud, but still losing.

“Ernest Everett, who finished third in the recent Democrat primary behind Patrick Madden and Rodney Wiltshire, was arraigned in Troy City Court last week and charged with felony second-degree forgery and first-degree offering a false instrument for filing,” the Caller reports.

Specifically, Everett flat-out faked his ballot access signatures.

“A spreadsheet provided by Wiltshire’s campaign shows that of 855 signatures filed by Everett, well over half were deemed objectionable. Of the issues listed: Numerous individuals signed multiple petitions, were not registered in the Democrat party, or were not residents of the city,” the Caller reports.

“The criminal complaint filed by investigators over the signatures states that Everett attested to those signatures, despite the bogus affidavits. It reads in part, ‘Ernest E. Everett did sign these petition sheets while knowing they contained signatures that were not subscribed in his presence and did so with the intent to defraud the Rensselaer County Board of Elections.’”

Shockingly, or not, the Democrat election commissioner who approved Everett’s bogus forms was himself the target of a voter fraud trial.

In 2013, Ed McDonough was acquitted of voter fraud charges after someone so radically altered his testimony it was deemed inadmissible.  Four of his colleagues were found guilty of casting hundreds of fake absentee votes.

McDonough overcame his indictment for voter fraud to become a Democrat appointee to the Rensselaer County Board of Elections.