“They’re [Mexico] bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Ever since Donald Trump spoke bluntly about our illegal immigration crisis in his presidential announcement speech, the liberal media has schemed to paint him as an out-of-the-mainstream racist.

The media lined up behind Obama’s declaration that Trump’s position on immigration enforcement, “Isn’t who we are.”

Trump not only refused to apologize, but doubled down and proposed deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants hiding in our country.

The media now attempts to smear Trump’s supporters as “nativists” and “bigots.”

Well, a new YouGov poll shows who is in the mainstream and who lives in the fringe minority.

And the media and Obama will HATE the results.

This survey found 48% of Americans would support the government “actively searching for illegal immigrants who have not committed any other crimes to deport them from the United States.”

The same poll found 38% would oppose this policy.

45% said deportation would have no impact on their lives compared to 12% who said it would.

Even 51% of Democrats answered that mass deportation would have no impact on their lives.

And a whopping 92% declared illegal immigration a problem and 77% listed it as a serious problem.

Barack Obama is so far out of the mainstream on the issue of amnesty even a majority of his own party disagrees with him that deportation would be disaster.

So it’s no wonder the polls are showing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz – the two candidates taking the boldest stand against open borders and amnesty – surging to the top of the Republican presidential field and leading Hillary Clinton in head-to-head polls.

Both candidates began the primary season in the low single digits. But now Trump’s bold proposals to end sanctuary cities, build a wall along the southern border and deport illegal immigrants have rocketed him to nearly 40% and a 20 point lead in the polls.

Cruz prominently opposed the Gang-of-Eight amnesty bill in the Senate and as voters realized he stood with Trump on illegal immigration he jumped up to second place in the national polls and first place in the early-caucus state of Iowa.

Meanwhile Jeb Bush whose Super PAC scooped up $100 million from pro-amnesty corporate backers has seen his campaign plummet from the perceived frontrunner to 3% in the polls.

And Obama’s approval numbers muddle in the mid-40% range.

These poll numbers are in spite of an all-out media assault – with name calling and every other dirty trick in the book – on supporters of secure borders to make them look like the embarrassing cousin you hide from outsiders.

It’s clear the mainstream in American politics is where Donald Trump planted his flag – strong border enforcement and bold proposals to end illegal immigration once-and-for-all.