oregon-gunsBill allows professors, teachers, bosses, and others to assess you as mentally ill, and get you banned from buying guns

Oregon’s state legislature is planning to pass a new bill that will permit nearly anyone to secretly report a gun owner as being “mentally ill” and getting them placed on a list of persons banned from buying guns.

And if passed, it is sure to spread to other states.

Barack Obama and other anti-gun activists have called on Congress and states to pass legislation allowing psychiatrists and doctors to add Americans to gun-ban lists once they are diagnosed as a threat to others.

But according to a draft bill, under the Oregon model, a diagnosis of violent mental illness can be made by any “health care provider” – basically anyone who provides a medical service.

That means a nurse’s assistant, a chiropractor, or an eye doctor could deem you as mentally ill.

The legislation also allows teachers, employers and even college professors to report gun owners who should go on the gun-ban list.

Liberal college professors and teacher’s union officials could simply make a list of every gun owner they know and secretly turn them in to the government.

To top it all off, your own family members will also be encouraged to assess you as mentally ill and have you banned from gun ownership.

It would encourage a divorcing spouse to report the other as violently mentally ill, and then use the fact they are banned from owning guns during divorce proceedings.

Additionally, the identity of persons making a report would be kept confidential, stripping gun owners of their right to confront their accuser.

According to the bill, the gun owners will not be notified when placed on the list.  In fact, they will only find out when they try to buy a gun.

The only way a targeted gun owner could possibly be removed from the list is if they found a doctor willing to dispute the diagnosis, or make a challenge in court.

The burden of presenting a case would be on the accused gun owner who must provide “clear and compelling” evidence that they are not a threat.

In other words, the only way to disprove the anonymous person who reported you is to disprove a negative.

Even if granted removal from the list, he or she may still be flagged as once declared violently mentally ill.

And since the bill is tagged as an “emergency” the legislation would go into effect immediately.

This is the cornucopia of gun control totalitarians can only dream of. Not only are citizens encouraged to secretly report one another to the government – raping them of rights without due process of law – it persuades citizens to view gun ownership as synonymous with mental illness.

And you can bet it’s coming to a location near you.