“Nancy Pelosi” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Nancy Pelosi’s crazy demands have backfired on her in a major way.

She’s losing vital support the Democrats need.

Nancy Pelosi’s insane coronavirus response tanked a huge Democrat plot.

Nancy Pelosi’s unhinged behavior is coming at a huge cost to the Democrat Party.

She’s attacking Republicans in a manner that’s self-destructive and harmful for America.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t learn her lesson when her attempt to impeach Donald Trump with no evidence of a crime accomplished nothing for the Democrats and helped President Trump in polls.

The results were bad enough for Nancy Pelosi when she was participating in dirty politics that were aiming to destroy Trump, now Nancy Pelosi is derailing help that the American people need.

She’s delaying help for the American people because she wants to stuff the bill with a bunch of environmental regulations for businesses that would make it even harder for them to recover from the economic loss that they are facing because of the coronavirus.

This isn’t making her more popular.

In fact, Nancy Pelosi’s antics will make it even harder for the Democrats to win the presidential election against Trump in November.

As the Washington Examiner put it:

After a week of bipartisan discussions, congressional Democrats have tried to nuke the bill, denying direct cash payments to the overwhelming majority of the nation and small businesses. And now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is out with her own bill, a Trojan Horse of a socialist Christmas list disguised as an emergency aid package.

As businesses shutter around the country and workers struggle to make their final paycheck for the foreseeable future last long enough to feed their children, Pelosi produced her own crisis bill that would bail out the U.S. Postal Service, provide $10,000 student loan bailouts, and demand that companies accepting federal aid offer $15 minimum wage and permanent paid leave.

The entire thesis of the Biden campaign goes something as follows: Trump is a uniquely partisan president who engages in trollery and trickery unbecoming of the White House. Joe Biden, contrarily, is a respected statesman with a documented history of working across the aisle. If you want a president who doesn’t tank the stock market with vile tweets, or even one who doesn’t force the nation to obsess over the federal government, vote for Barack Obama’s (former) BFF.

Biden can sell that message, and as his primary proved, he does so effectively. But the rest of his caucus cannot. It’s one thing for Democrats to try and tank openly bipartisan bills like Trump’s criminal justice reform legislation or even impeach him during a time of peace and prosperity. It’s entirely another to sabotage a week of negotiations in the hopes of passing the discount Green New Deal while laid-off workers wonder how they’ll pay their water bill next month.

Americans are watching Nancy Pelosi put underhanded political games before the welfare of the American people.

This is proving once and for all that it isn’t Republicans that have changed politics to a place where bipartisan agreements are no longer able to be reached.

Nancy Pelosi shows where the blame lies.