Everyone is hunting for clues on how the midterm elections will turn out.

Who will win control of Congress?

One special election gave a hint that Nancy Pelosi may be on the verge of a frightening move.

A special election was just conducted in Kansas’ Fourth Congressional District to fill the vacated seat of Congressman Mike Pompeo who was confirmed to be Donald Trump’s CIA Director.

Pompeo had carried the district by 32 points in his re-election bid and Donald Trump won it by 27 points.

The Republican candidate – Kansas State Treasurer Rob Estes – won the special election by seven points.

While it was a win, there were warning signs that establishment Republicans are sabotaging the GOP’s electoral chances.

The Democrat’s vote total was down 32 percent from the 2016 general election, but the Republicans vote total shrank by a whopping 62 percent.

The message is clear: Democrats are energized and the GOP must deliver on the conservative policy agenda that won the 2016 election if they hope to hang on to Congress.

While there were local factors – Governor Sam Brownback has a 27 percent approval rating and Estes served in his cabinet – Republican turnout was depressed by the GOP establishment, led by Speaker Paul Ryan who has failed to fight for Donald Trump’s agenda.

Instead of honoring their promise and passing a clean Obamacare repeal bill, Ryan tried to ram Obamacare 2.0 through and cement Obama’s socialist scheme into law.

Ryan and other GOP leaders are also refusing to put funding for the border wall into the government funding bill.

Rather than fight for Trump and the agenda that won the election, the GOP establishment is selling out their voters.

And it could have disastrous consequences for the Trump Presidency, the Republican Party and the country.

Should GOP leadership continue to work for the establishment instead of the voters who elected them, conservatives will not turn out to the polls in 2018.

If Republicans stay home and Democrats stay energized, that could lead to a Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

And that would be a frightening development.