The 60 seat Republican House majority was once thought of as secure.

But with establishment Republicans betraying Donald Trump, everyone’s electoral prospects have been scrambled.

And Nancy Pelosi just made a prediction that terrifies conservatives.

The establishment Republicans who are revoking their support for Donald Trump could receive disastrous consequences.

If Trump supporters see the party writing off the Presidential election, it would depress Republican turnout.

Not only would the top of the ticket be in grave danger, but down-the-ballot Republicans who depend on Presidential turnout to win their elections would also be swamped.

To that end, Nancy Pelosi is now predicting Democrats will win control of the House of Representatives.

Politico reports:

“Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) bullish prediction — Democrats would need to win at least 30 seats to grab the speaker’s gavel again — comes after the Friday release of a tape capturing Donald Trump making extremely vulgar comments and bragging about groping women. The tape, while a boon for Democrats looking to boost their down-ballot chances, has unleashed a near civil war within the GOP.

 Pelosi stressed that the key to a Democratic wave — or at least taking a significant hunk out of Republicans’ historic House majority — depends on members keeping current on their campaign committee dues and fundraising in the waning weeks of the election, according to three sources on the call.

 New Mexico Rep. Ben Ray Luján, chairman of House Democrats’ campaign arm, also touted a new poll showing Democrats with a 12-point lead over Republicans still backing Trump, as well as those who have split with him.

 The poll, commissioned by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, was released Tuesday.”

 Polling also shows the Democrats have a good chance to retake the Senate.

Republican strategists consider the Illinois, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin contests already lost.

In Illinois and New Hampshire, incumbent Republican Senators have renounced Trump.

And Wisconsin is home to Paul Ryan, who has continually sabotaged Trump.

Not backing the GOP nominee has tanked the chances of Republicans in Senate races, and it could also doom the Republicans in the House.

Giving the Democrats unified control of government would risk a repeat of 2009 and 2010 when Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi were calling the shots.

Democrats rammed through a trillion dollar stimulus package, ObamaCare, and put two left-wing radicals on the Supreme Court.

If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency and has obedient Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, experts predict the Democrats will quickly move to pass amnesty, gun control, the economy-wrecking cap-and-tax scheme, as well as reshape the Supreme Court into a third branch of liberal policy makers.

Establishment Republicans believe they are saving their campaigns by running away from Trump.

In reality, they are depressing their own voter turnout – and handing the election to the Democrats.