New reports that came out in late 2016 confirmed that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.

Godlessness has plagued the United States, indicative of one of the worst presidents in history, as well as countless terrorist attacks and legally depriving life within the womb — but now luckily America is reversing course and getting back on track with President Donald Trump.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise when jealousy is shown on full display and foreign leaders and thinkers will do whatever they can to undermine America’s way of life.

A leading Muslim Egyptian cleric provoked Christians everywhere when he announced on television that Islam’s prophet Muhammed would marry the Virgin Mary in heaven.

You read that right.  He said that.

Dr. Salem Abdel Galil, a Muslim theologian at Cairo’s prestigious Al Azhar Academy and a former director-general of the Ministry of Religions, said on his television program:

“Allah, hallowed be his name, chose Mary of all the women, alongside Asiya, Pharaoh’s wife, Aisha and Khadijea, Prophet Muhammed’s wives, and Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter.

There are verses in the Quran that suggest that in heaven Muhammed will marry the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus peace be upon him, as well as Asiya, Pharaoh’s wife and Kultum, the sister of Moses peace be upon him.”

And to put the nail in the coffin with his contempt of Christianity, he said:

“The Quran said: ‘Allah will give [the Prophet] women preferable to his wives, Muslim, pious, pure women.’”

Abdel Galil is referring to Asiya in the Quran and to Jesus’ mother, Mary.

Muhammed is considered to be the central figure and founder of Islam and is known to Muslims as the “Holy Prophet.”

Asiya is revered by Muslims as one of the greatest women of all time, much like Christianity regards Mary.

According to Breitbart:

Egypt’s Christian community was enraged by Galil’s remarks. The community’s youth movement issued a statement demanding an apology.

The movement’s chairman, Nader Soubhi, said: “We Christians don’t recognize any aspect of the Virgin Mary except her sanctity, her purity and her virginity.  The Virgin Mary will never lose any of these.”

In 2010, an Al Azhar cleric caused controversy with a similar ruling, which also raised the church’s ire.  Then too, church representatives said they rejected the ruling “which contradicts our religion and holy book.  It’s offensive to the Virgin Mary.”

Reverend Abdel Masih Basit said that “the Virgin became pregnant while a virgin, and will forever remain so. And according to Jesus, in heaven you don’t marry but become angels.”

“The Christian faith relies on the belief that a man’s soul turns into a spirit after his death and his body turns into light, and therefore there’s no need for partnership or sexual intercourse,” he said.

Theology aside, it’s probable that Abdel Galil is taking a shot at purposefully irking his Christian compatriots because of his hatred towards the United States while recognizing it’s a Christian nation.

The best defense for irrationality designed to provoke a response from Christians is to ignore it.  However, if Abdel Galil genuinely believes the falsity that he spewed, then banding together to defeat that ideology must be a focus, because spreading that kind of falsehood is a danger for future generations.