Disturbing and heartbreaking.

That’s how the Blaze’s Matt Walsh described an unsettling video showing a mother surprising her 14 year old son with a gift: a package of estrogen patches.

Since 11, Corey, through his mom’s encouragement, rejected his biological identity assumed a false one and started “living as a girl.”

And just recently, Corey’s been medically permitted to begin hormone therapy.

While most boys at 11 are still living out their dream of becoming Batman or a member of the Avengers, Corey’s parents are depriving him the hope of becoming a man.

Hormone therapy involves a “puberty suppressing implant” and intense doses of estrogen that stunts physical maturation, infuses harmful chemicals into his body, severely increasing the chances for heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and other serious side effects.

What’s most disturbing about the entire facade is while the video of Corey being poisoned on camera goes viral, the mainstream media refuses to condemn the parents’ reckless actions.

In fact, liberal outlets fawned over the “emotional moment.”

MTV called it “life changing” and declared the mom “mom of the year.”

BuzzFeed gushed over the mother’s decision.  Huffington Post called it “beautiful” and “wonderful.”

But while the child’s decision is harmful to him, remember that these are the actions of just that: a child.

And this child’s actions are only possible through the encouragement of his parents.

So make no mistake: the boy is a victim. A victim of the cultural depravity spearheaded by perverted progressives who inject themselves into our homes, our culture, our schools and our communities under the guise of tolerance.

And the fact that no one in the mainstream media has taken a stand and spoken out for him is appalling.

No doubt the boy will face unrelenting torment on the internet and social media while the left-wing media and the radical Transgender Lobby use him as nothing more than a stage prop to ram their agenda into American culture.

Until Americans fight this progressive perversion by speaking boldly and loudly against this cultural descent, young teenage children like Corey will continue to be poisoned by their deranged parents.