Earlier this week, Fox Business interviewed New York Stock Exchange President, Tom Farley, who has a surprisingly optimistic outlook on the future of the economy.

And for good reason.

Farley, along with several CEO’s, had just been at a White House meeting with President Donald Trump.

At this meeting, Trump announced he is still committed to deregulating business, albeit “smartly.”

While the President plans to keep consumer and public investor protections in place, he claims he is ready to slash some red tape.

In the White House meeting, Trump said his goal was to cut down the length of time it takes to acquire federal permits for large projects from ten years to one.

Although Trump said he would prefer to get the timeframe even lower, down to just four months.

At the beginning of their segment with Tom Farley, Fox Business reported this meeting was President Trump’s seventeenth pow-wow with business owners – a number surpassing both Barack Obama and George Bush during their respective time in office.

Farley said this meeting, in which the President remained on message and provided examples and details to support his goals, “subdued my concerns quite a bit.”

Vice President Mike Pence introduced the President, saying Trump wants to be “the most business friendly president ever.”

This goal was already becoming evident though.

Earlier this year, Trump played a key role in reducing the price of the Pentagon’s most recent order of the F-35, after he expressed concerns that the government should make smarter negotiations.

The President has also voiced several concerns about harmful regulations that unfairly disadvantage industries like coal.

In his seventeenth business pow-wow, he reminded everyone that a healthier economy and less red tape will help improve the standard of living for the “hundred million who are out of work – the technically unemployed, as well as those who are unemployed but don’t fall into that 4.6% unemployment rate.”

After being asked whether or not the President has had any part in the NYSE’s recent spike in public offering and other economic successes, Farley responded, “Unquestionably.”

Farley explained that business confidence and consumer confidence has improved since the election.

He reminded viewers the Dow Jones was all the way down to 17,000 on the night of the election, but has since increased by 15%.

Farley did caution that if words are not followed up with actions, and if tax cuts do not apply to consumers as well as corporations, these increases are not likely to continue.

After remarking that America has one of the highest corporate income taxes in the worldwhich disadvantages us in a competitive global market, Farley reiterated that consumers and investors can still be protected without the “labyrinth” of regulations imposed on American businesses.

And plowing a direct path right through that tunnel seems to be a main focus for the United States’ 45th president, whose goal is to be the “most business-friendly president ever.”