John McCain has his hands full as he faces a tough conservative challenger in the upcoming Arizona Senate Republican Primary.

As American Patriot Daily previously reported, it appears recent momentum could be swinging against McCain.

And the latest news won’t help the establishment Senator either.

Former U.S. Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has endorsed McCain’s primary challenger, Dr. Kelli Ward.

In a letter to Arizona supporters, Dr. Paul said:

“As a physician, you have seen first­hand how ObamaCare has reduced our liberties in just a few short years.

During your time as state senator, you have fought to reduce the size of government and restore the liberties of Arizonans.

We need to elect more people into the U.S. Senate to stand alongside my son, Rand Paul. Because of your dedication to smaller government and restoring more of our personal liberties, I am proud to endorse your campaign for the U.S. Senate.”

The Libertarian icon’s support could be a game changer for Ward.

Paul’s endorsement could re-energize his passionate supporters who were willing to knock doors, make phone calls, and donate to his presidential race.

Dr. Ward issued glowing praise of Paul’s endorsement:

“Ron Paul’s support is another sign of our amazing momentum to retire John McCain. Dr. Paul is the gold standard of conservative leadership that I plan to abide by: never vote for legislation that is not expressly authorized by the Constitution.

Like Dr. Paul, I will take up the torch of liberty and fight tirelessly alongside Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to honest money. No tax hikes, unbalanced budgets, congressional perks or pay raises, or abdications of power to the executive branch.

The ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ has inspired a new generation to fight for America’s founding principles. Younger voters especially are astounded that Senator McCain has been in DC for $17.5 trillion of the $19 trillion national debt, voting for at least 21 debt ceiling increases along the way.

My strong record of standing up to the leadership of both parties to dramatically reduce the size of government and return to constitutional principles is attracting them to our team.”

Ron Paul’s endorsement comes on the heels of a round of public polling which finds only 35% of GOP voters approve the job McCain is doing and 50% who disapprove.

Ward – who is campaigning against McCain’s 34-year tenure in the U.S. Senate – reported in February that she was experiencing “extreme momentum” and that a “Ward tsunami” was brewing across Arizona.

She has earned the support of conservative groups such as Tea Party Nation and Gun Owners of America, along with several endorsements.

In addition to John McCain being censured by Arizona’s GOP with a 1,150-to-351 vote two years ago, he suffered another humiliating defeat earlier this month:  Kelli Ward won the straw poll at the Arizona Republican State Convention by a whopping tally of 75% to 11%.

And she is gaining national notoriety on conservative talk radio.

Conservative radio show host, Sean Hannity, recently interviewed her and expressed his disappointment with weak Republicans like John McCain and their lack of leadership against President Obama’s policies:

“They have been weak and timid and feckless in their response to Obama and Democrats advancing their agenda. And they won’t use their constitutional authority, the power of the purse for example.”

“I think Dr. Ward has a good shot of knocking off McCain,” Hannity concluded.

Much like the summer in Arizona, this race will continue as a heated contest until the votes are cast in the August 30th primary.

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