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The Democraticvice presidential candidate used the recent VP debate to practice her art of evasion and misdirection on some key issues.

And she made Joe Biden proud by ignoring some of the most important issues facing our nation today.

Even when Mike Pence had one big question that needed an answer, Kamala Harris refused.

The debate earlier this week between Vice President Mike Pence and vice presidential wannabe Kamala Harris had none of the same fireworks as the first Trump-Biden debate.

In fact, other than a fly that landed on the Vice President, the debate was devoid of much at all.

But sometimes in politics, the failure or refusal to answer a question on an important issue speaks louder than the shouts of biased moderators.

That was certainly the case when Kamala Harris stuck to the party line and refused to answer Pence’s very simple question about court-packing.

In fact, the Vice President asked Harris directly two separate times during the debate Wednesday night whether she and Joe Biden would pack the U.S. Supreme Court with additional justices if they win in November.

And, following in the footsteps of her running mate Biden, Harris dodged the question both times.

In fact, so far both Harris and Biden have refused to answer every time they have been asked about their plans for packing the court.

While as is usual for candidates, both Pence and Harris dodged some questions from moderator Susan Page during the course of the debate.

In fact, in one instance, instead of answering the question he was asked, Pence used his time to ask Harris about her and Joe Biden’s position on some congressional Democrats’ threat of court-packing.

Pence said, “When you speak about the Supreme Court, though, I think the American people deserve an answer, Senator Harris. Are you and Joe Biden going to pack the court if [Supreme Court nominee] Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed? Are you going to pack the court?”

He went on to remind Harris that her party’s leaders are openly advocating for packing the court if they don’t get their way on Amy Coney Barrett.

He also pointedly reminded the California Senator and one-time paramour that both she and Joe Biden had repeatedly refused to answer the question and that the American people have a right to know, before they vote.

Harris, of course, refused to answer and launched into a bizarre and factually incorrect “history lesson” about President Abraham Lincoln.

So, Pence tried a second time.

And for a second time, Harris refused, this time using her time to explain that she was trying to answer the question and would if the Vice President would just let her.

Of course, she instead launched into an attack on Donald Trump’s judge selections.

Harris’ refusal was nothing new for the Democrats, Biden repeatedly refused to answer when asked during the first presidential debate.

And when she was asked by liberal reporter Jake Tapper to give an answer on court-packing, Harris refused to answer her friend Tapper too.

Probably the most bizarre part of all of this is Biden and Harris’ insistence that answering this important issue now would “distract from the elections.”

This even got Democrat cheerleader Tapper flustered; he said on CNN that the fact that neither Biden nor Harris will give an answer on court-packing is “significant, and Biden and Harris should answer it.”

You know a Democrat has done something wrong when even CNN comes out against their action.