The Democrat Presidential primary took a shocking turn when former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg shot to the front of the pack.

Bloomberg is promising to spend an untold amount of his $60 billion dollar fortune to defeat Donald Trump.

And Mike Bloomberg saw two jaw-dropping polls. The results left him speechless.

Bloomberg entered the race late last year and devised a strategy to skip the first four nominating states and join the contest on March 3 for “Super Tuesday” when 14 states vote and nearly 40 percent of the delegates are awarded.

The former New York City Mayor spent over $300 million in a television advertising blitz never before seen in American politics in an attempt to cover up his far-left record and past racist comments.

Bloomberg is pitching himself to voters as a technocrat moderate with no ideological leanings that can “get it done.”

But in reality, Bloomberg supports confiscating every gun in America, banning soda drinks and plastic straws and has in the past made racist comments about black gun owners.

The early returns on Bloomberg’s spending were mostly positive, however.

Bloomberg rocketed up to third place overall in Democrat primary polls.

However, two brand new polls may have shown the limit to Bloomberg’s strategy.

A Morning Consult Poll found socialist Senator Bernie Sanders leading Mike Bloomberg by 11 points in a poll of all the Super Tuesday states.

Sanders 27%
Biden 20%
Bloomberg 16%
Warren 11%
Buttigieg 10%
Yang 5%
Klobuchar 3%
Steyer 3%

The most recent polls of Texas and California – the two biggest prizes on Super Tuesday – found Sanders in the lead.

Another disturbing poll for Bloomberg, YouGov, found Sanders leading every candidate in the field in a head to head matchup.

YouGov’s poll found Sanders trouncing Bloomberg by 15 points.

Sanders 54% (+21)

Klobuchar 33%

Sanders 54% (+17)

Buttigieg 37%

Sanders 53% (+15)

Bloomberg 38

Sanders 48% (+4)

Biden 44%

Sanders 44% (+2)

Warren 42%

There is no doubt that Bloomberg’s ability to operate as a campaign ATM machine with no limit is a tremendous advantage.

And these poll numbers showing Sanders leading Bloomberg only show the state of the race with Bloomberg spending $300 million dollars on positive TV ads.

Bloomberg spending $50 million dollars a week on negative TV ads could very well change the dynamic of the race.

But it is also true that when Bloomberg entered the race he had some of the worst favorable numbers of any candidate.

And Bloomberg also has no true base of support within the Democrat Party.

Bloomberg is the current “flavor of the month” because a percentage of Democrat Party voters believe his bottomless bank account gives Bloomberg the best chance to defeat Donald Trump.

However, Bloomberg is a billionaire in a party gravitating towards socialism.

Bloomberg also endorsed George W. Bush for President in 2004 and endorsed the Iraq War.

And Bloomberg so far has avoided the debates or interactions with voters.

At some point Bloomberg will have to put on the pads and get on the field in a real game situation.

And some of the early poll numbers suggest Bloomberg could be more vulnerable to Bernie Sanders than some Democrats think.

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