Michelle ObamaThe Democrat Party loves Michelle Obama.

They even want her to challenge President Trump in the 2020 election.

And Michelle Obama just got an award that will infuriate every Trump supporter in America.

The left doesn’t want to let go of the Obama years.

Despite Barack Obama destroying America with his backward vision for eight years, they let his charismatic personality forgive that.

That’s why Michelle Obama is among the most popular potential contenders to jump into the 2020 election.

As time goes by, it becomes less and less likely, but conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh continue to predict that she may make a surprise announcement.

And a new poll from Gallup only makes that more likely.

The poll lists the former First Lady as the most admired woman in the world.

She was the only woman to rank in double digits, with 10% of the vote.

Current First Lady Melania Trump came in second place, with 5% of the vote, with Oprah Winfrey and Greta Thunberg being tied for fourth place with 3% of the vote.

It shouldn’t be that surprising that Michelle Obama would win this poll, considering how she and her husband spent eight years apologizing for America around the world.

While they may not respect her, they sure do admire her and her husband.

As for the men, both Barack Obama and Donald Trump tied for first place, in a surprising turn of events.

Michelle Obama and Melania Trump performed their duties as First Lady in many different ways.

Melania Trump handles duties around the White House and sticks around in the background to support her husband.

She stays out of policy debates, as most First Ladies throughout history have done.

Michelle Obama took a much bigger role, choosing to input her opinions in policy matters, despite the fact that America elected her husband to lead, not her.

As First Lady, Obama was most known for destroying student lunches for children across the country, through disastrous attempts to promote health.

She also got into the debate over gun control, supporting her husband’s radical efforts that were ultimately defeated.

In 2013, she demanded that “these reforms deserve a vote in Congress.”

“Right now, my husband is fighting as hard as he can and engaging as many people as he can to pass common-sense reforms to protect our children from gun violence,” she said.

And if anybody criticized Michelle Obama, the media would lose their minds, claiming she is off-limits, despite her interjecting herself in the political debate.

But with Trump in office, Melania Trump and the rest of the family are fair game in the eyes of the mainstream media.

Michelle Obama has even attacked Melania Trump on national television, insulting her for a gift she was given when the Trump family was moving into the White House.

Who do you admire more, Michelle Obama or Melania Trump?

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