Liberals are used to attacking conservatives for making money.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

And it’s ensnared Michelle Obama in a controversy that could have a big impact.

Liberals constantly attack Republicans for being fat-cats who bilk millions while leaving the little guy stranded.

In 2012, they attacked Mitt Romney for saying $360,000 was not a lot of money.

But now that Barack and Michelle Obama are out of the White House, they figure it’s time for them to cash in.

Both Obamas are now signed up to be paid speakers.

And it’s causing problems that could impact the Democratic Party politically.

The Washington Post reports that both Obamas have already delivered their first paid speeches, and that Barack Obama raked in $400,000 in a speech paid for by Wall Street bankers:

When Barack and Michelle Obama left the White House, they both spoke longingly of a break from life in the public eye. But following a months-long vacation, they have started to tap into the lucrative paid-speaking circuit that has enriched so many other former presidents and first ladies — with the potential to quickly net millions of dollars.

On Thursday, both made their first appearances as speakers-for-hire.

“Hi everybody, it’s good to get out of the house,” said Michelle Obama, visibly relaxed, as she sat for a wide-ranging — but free of partisan politics — question-and-answer session before the American Institute of Architecture’s annual conference. Her husband, meanwhile, joined historian Doris Kearns Goodwin in New York for a closed-door address to employees of the A&E cable network.

It was not divulged how much they were paid for these first appearances. But the former president will collect $400,000 for a September speech to a health-care conference sponsored by investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald, Fox Business reported this week.

This move caused a civil war in the Democrat Party.

Elizabeth Warren – the far-left radical who despises individuals who make money – blasted Obama making $400,000 for a paid speech.



Others point out how this could create political problems for the left.

Democrat voters were turned off by the millions the Clintons banked on speeches.

Now, the Obamas are still considered the political leaders of the Democrat Party and they will be campaigning for candidates in next year’s midterms.

Will paid speeches taint their brand?

The Washington Post reports:

Though neither of the Obamas seem to want to run for political office in the future, their calculations are complicated by the tenuous state of the Democratic Party, said Julian Zelizer, a presidential historian at Princeton University.

“In a party that doesn’t really have especially captivating personalities right now, he remains a figure­head,” Zelizer said. “If he goes down the road of speaking for a lot of money, that has the potential to hurt the party.”

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