Michael Moore is the epitome of the Hollywood left.

The liberal filmmaker hates guns, loves Cuba’s socialized medicine program, and thinks George Bush lied our nation into a war with Iraq.

But his latest election prediction stunned studio audiences.

Appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher, Moore was asked to give his prediction for the Presidential election.

The Hollywood Reporter details his answer:

“After three nights of watching the Republican convention, it is great to be here with my gay, black communist pals,” Maher said of his guests.

Moore drew gasps from the audience when he stated his belief that Trump would win the election. “I’m sorry to have to be the buzzkill here so early on, but I think Trump is going to win.”

The audience booed, but Maher responded that “the enemy is complacency” and he was glad Moore said it because he “certainly could win.”

While some may think Moore is offering an uninformed opinion, the latest polls and facts on the ground provide ample evidence to back up his prediction.

The latest Suffolk University poll of Ohio showed a tie race between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

But these numbers come on the heels of massive TV-ad spending by the Clinton campaign.

Crain’s Cleveland Business reports:

“As Republicans start drifting into Cleveland for next month’s party meetings and then the convention, when they turn on the local news in their hotel rooms they are likely to be bombarded by ad spots either plugging their Democratic presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, or running down their candidate, Donald Trump.

The Clinton campaign is committing at least $1.2 million to local TV time over the next six weeks, while the Trump campaign, at least so far, has not bought a single spot.

A tally of filings at the local television stations for presidential political advertising through June 22 shows that the ad firm for the Hillary for America campaign, Washington, D.C.-based Greer, Margolis, Mitchell, Burns & Associates, has begun airing a flight of more than 1,000 ad spots that will run on Northeast Ohio’s four major broadcast television stations between June 14 and July 25.”

Trump is holding even with Clinton despite the fact he has not spent any money on TV-ads.

Overall, Hillary has spent over $20 million on media.

But nationally, Hillary’s lead has dwindled to just 2.8 points in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

Two weeks ago, the Reuters-IPSOS poll found Hillary leading Trump by 11 points.

Their most recent polls showed her lead plummeting to just 4 points.

The past month of the campaign has shown Hillary’s monetary advantage has not yielded any benefits in the polls.

In fact, the more money she has spent on negative ads attacking Trump, the better Trump has performed in the polls.

This is a repeat of what happened in the GOP primary.

When Trump won the crucial Florida primary – which many viewed as the establishment’s last true stand – Trump withstood over $10 million in negative TV-ads, crushing Marco Rubio and knocking him out of the race.

Will Trump continue this pattern in November?

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