In just the last year, the Mexican government assisted more than 6,000 Haitians to infiltrate the U.S. illegally.

They will join the hundreds of thousands of other poor, illiterate peasants with no skills to market in a modern economy to be placed in communities all across America.

A Clinton presidency would mean thousands more will follow, with her open-borders stance and her plan to allow 65,000 additional Syrian refugees into the U.S., and she seems unwilling to take a stance with Mexico to curb the influx of illegals.

Clinton stated herself that Syrian refugees “can’t possibly” be vetted, so the ability to vet the thousands of illegals is also a problem, setting up a very dangerous funnel for criminals to enter the U.S.

The entire quote from Clinton’s speech to the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago’s Vanguard Luncheon on October 28, 2013, included in the WikiLeaks document dump of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches reads as follows:

 “So I think you’re right to have gone to the places that you visited because there’s a discussion going on now across the region to try to see where there might be common ground to deal with the threat posed by extremism, and particularly with Syria, which has everyone quite worried, Jordan because it’s on their border and they have hundreds of thousands of refugees and they can’t possibly vet all those refugees so they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees. Turkey for the same reason.”

Refugees and illegals who haven’t been properly vetted have been terrorizing communities across America.

A recently obtained document details the assistance of the Mexican government in helping to dump Haitian illegals into the U.S.

The illegals begin their journey in Brazil, then up the west coast of South America and Central America, crossing 11 countries and taking as long as four months.

When they arrive in Mexico, they stop in Tapachula, where they are processed, and although they don’t have legal entry papers, the Mexican government provides them a 20-day transit document, so they are given time to take a bus across Mexico, arriving eventually in Tijuana, just south of San Diego.

There, they illegally cross the border into the U.S.

Once in the U.S., many of the illegal Haitians claim asylum and fight deportation in cases that can go on for years, guaranteeing them the opportunity to stay in the country.

Many find their way to Florida.

Although 6,000 of these illegals came into the U.S. over the past year, it was discovered that only 523 of them stated a somewhat valid reason for fleeing, meaning 91% had no valid case at all for illegally crossing the border.

They are now within the borders of the U.S. and are receiving assistance on the backs of Americans.

Coupled with the huge influx of refugees and the already staggering amount of illegals from Mexico and other countries, they present a danger to the citizens of America, and the cost of services for so many is a huge burden on an already weak economy.

Considering that illegal voter scandals are cropping up across the country, the continued influx of illegals and refugees could also possibly sway the outcome of elections.

But then, Hillary Clinton would likely welcome the votes, just as Barack Obama did when he was up for election.