Man In Jail Hands Close-upNew Obama regulation makes it illegal to publish technical information on guns

Americans who say words Obama doesn’t like now face a Justice Department crackdown.

The Obama State Department is issuing new regulations that would make it a federal crime to post on the Internet technical information on guns or ammunition, the Washington Examiner reports.

In other words, if you tell people how you built your gun or load your own ammunition, you would be imprisoned by an Obama decree.

The State Department is rewriting its International Traffic in Arms Regulations under the federal Arms Export Control Act to ensnare Internet users.

The rewrite could make felons out of millions of Americans who are gunsmiths and ammo re-loaders.

The First and Second Amendments to the Constitution prohibit the government from arresting and imprisoning Americans who talk about guns, but those prohibitions exist only if Congress or the courts actually enforce them.

There appears to be no effort to block the regulations or punish Obama officials for promulgating them.

The regulations are part of a new Obama effort to enact new gun control laws, enforce new gun bans and arrest gun owners, all without congressional authorization or a vote of Congress.

“It’s clear President Obama is beginning his final assault on our Second Amendment rights by forcing his anti-gun agenda on honest law-abiding citizens through executive force,” said Luke O’Dell, vice president of political affairs at the National Association for Gun Rights.

The White House is also finalizing new dictates requiring the reporting of gun thefts, mandating that Americans keep their guns locked away and rendered unfireable, and banning a mythical device called a “high-powered pistol.”

The State Department has also trying to shut down a Texan man who has designed a gun whose chamber, trigger, barrel, and stock can be 3-D printed from plastic.  The firing pin is still metal.

Cody Wilson calls his invention “The Liberator” and posted the blueprints on the Internet through his non-profit group “Defense Distributed” and his website, the Wiki Weapons Project.

The Obama administration claims Wilson is violating federal International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

They accuse him of exporting guns overseas without government permission, even though he is not making or exporting guns.

They have ordered him to remove the plans from the Internet, and claim they now own the rights to his technology.

Wilson refuses to back down.

“The technology will break gun control,” said Wilson. “I stand for freedom.”

The new State Department regulations take that effort to imprison Wilson and will expand it to all Americans.