Controversial former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is set to make her debut at the left-leaning NBC.

Her arrival at NBC has already generated massive coverage because she was critical in the investigation that ousted Fox News’ President, Roger Ailes, and she had complained about comments made by former Fox host Bill O’Reilly.

And a recent interview reveals the next target she intends to take down.

Part of Megyn Kelly’s new contract involves hosting a Sunday night primetime news magazine show.

That would put her in direct competition with CBS’ 60 Minutes, which is the longest running show on television.

But NBC News President Noah Oppenheimer said in an interview that their grip on Sunday night TV is not etched in stone.

The Hollywood Reporter’s transcript of Oppenheimer’s response about Kelly competing with 60 Minutes reads:

Regarding her Sunday show, doesn’t 60 Minutes have a stranglehold on the 7 p.m. slot?

60 Minutes is an institution. No one here thinks we’re going to supplant it, certainly not out of the gate. That said, it’s a mistake to assume anyone has a stranglehold on anything long term.

Kelly’s attempt to take down 60 Minutes faces multiple obstacles.

First is that 60 Minutes is network TV’s flagship news program.

It usually follows CBS’ NFL coverage, which provides a monster audience leading into its airing.

Secondly, NBC televises Sunday Night Football from September to January.

This is the highest rated show on television.

Kelly’s show would likely go off the air or rescheduled for odd time slots during five prime-time TV months.

A consistent time slot is key for a program to build its audience, and Kelly is likely to be deprived of that crucial building block.

Oppenheimer also addressed the turmoil created with the Today Show by bringing Kelly onto NBC.

NBC canceled the 9am Today Talk hour, and co-host Tamron Hall angrily left the network.

Media pundits speculated that Kelly also had her sights set on Savannah Guthrie’s co-host spot.

Oppenheimer said in regards to both situations:

Will we see her on the flagship 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Today?

There is no contemplation of her having a regular role on the 7-to-9. She’ll appear on all the broadcasts of NBC News occasionally. If she gets a big interview, she’s going to present pieces [on different broadcasts].

Tamron Hall was said to be angry that Today’s Take was scrapped to make room for Megyn.

I don’t necessarily accept the premise of the preamble. But I will also say that I very much hoped that Tamron would remain with NBC News. We made her an offer that I think reflected our strong desire that she be part of our family moving forward, that would have given her a very prominent and substantive role here at the network. We were obviously disappointed that she chose to pursue her future elsewhere, and we wish her only the best.

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