CNN and the Democrats smell blood in the water.

They think they can force Tucker Carlson’s show off the air.

That’s when Megyn Kelly stepped up and said six words about Tucker Carlson that shocked everyone.

Tucker Carlson is one of Fox News’s most reliable supporters of Donald Trump’s agenda.

That makes him a marked man in the eyes of CNN and other liberals.

The totalitarian leftists want all Trump supporters taken off the air so only anti-Trump propaganda fills the airwaves.

Liberals lie in wait for Trump supporters to make comments they deem “offensive” and then they spring into action with advertiser boycotts to choke off their show’s revenue.

They reason that the network will buckle if the financial impact becomes too great.

CNN and other liberal pressure groups tried this strategy with mixed results on Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

Fox fired O’Reilly but refused to knuckle under to liberal advertiser boycotts of Ingraham and Hannity.

And the truth is these aren’t even boycotts.

What happens is liberals tweet and companies and threaten to never buy their products.

They may not even currently purchase those companies’ products – so the advertiser isn’t even losing any money – but the mere association with public controversy causes them to pull their ads from a show.

That is what is now happening to Tucker Carlson.

Liberals seized on comments he made where he said mass migration makes America “poorer and dirtier” and claimed he was a white supremacist.

12 companies yelled “uncle” when contacted by Sleeping Giants – a liberal group that uses social media to censor conservative voices – and other liberals claimed they would “boycott” their companies.

Carlson defiantly announced he would not be silenced and that Americans deserved an honest debate on immigration where those who opposed open borders and mass migration could receive a fair hearing.

Media personalities debate the usefulness of these boycotts.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo cheered the effort to blacklist Carlson.

“I don’t consider him my colleague. I think the Trump trio are in a different business than the one that I’m in. They have different tactics. They have different reasons for doing it, and they have different goals of what they’re trying to do so I don’t consider him a colleague,” Cuomo ranted.

“It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to say it, but so do advertisers have the right to respond to what he says. Same thing for us,” he concluded.

Others in the press realized the threat to free expression and journalistic integrity that boycotts posed.

Megyn Kelly tweeted out a Politico article on this matter and put the headline in all caps

In the article, media reporter Jack Schaffer argued that journalists could not fairly cover stories if the threat of losing advertiser dollars dangled over their head like a dagger.

Journalists and commentators need freedom to express their opinion and air stories without that may make corporate America uncomfortable.

But liberals don’t want an open marketplace of ideas.

They lose those battles.

That’s why Fox News dominates cable and there is no liberal talk radio.

So they try to stamp out any dissenting views.

However, they know the First Amendment prevents them from passing laws banning conservative media.

That’s why in the 21st century their weapon of choice is corporate censorship.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.