The so-called “mainstream” media and Donald Trump are in open warfare.

A coordinated leak campaign – that may have involved criminal activity on the part of former Obama loyalists – led to the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

The reaction made by the media disturbed many Americans.

So-called “journalists” like to pretend they are objective truth seekers, but in the era of Trump, they have morphed themselves into hard bitten partisan opponents of the new administration.

The latest example of this occurred on Don Lemon’s CNN show.

CNN contributor Nia-Malika Henderson bragged that some might view Flynn’s resignation as a victory thanks to the media.

Breitbart reports:

“Late Monday after the announcement of the resignation of Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson told “CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon some might view the resignation as an effort by the Trump administration to get the controversy of his alleged conversations with Russia off the radar.

However, Henderson also suggested that some might view this development as the press having “scored points” against Trump’s White House.

“You imagine that some people might be looking at this as some sort of reset — to get this story off the radar, to get this story off the front pages, like The Washington Post and The New York Times,” she said. “And others might be looking at it as the press having scored some points against this White House. And we know this is a White House that has an ongoing feud with many different outlets. And so, in that way, I imagine there are going to be a lot of different views in this White House as we know.”

CNN’s far-left media critics Brian Stelter – who never spends much time critiquing the media – joined in on the end zone dance celebration.

But not everyone agreed.

Donald Trump tweeted that the real story was the illegal leaks of intercepted communications led to Flynn’s resignation.

Both Trump and chief strategist Steve Bannon have described the media as the “Opposition Party”.

And by spiking the football and dancing on the political grave of Michael Flynn, the media is more than living up to that label.