John McCain has always been a vocal opponent of President Trump’s, but now he has taken his commentary too far.

He most recently forced his commentary into the political light, and is attempting to compare leaking of information from former FBI Director James Comey to the Watergate scandal under former President Nixon.

And while many Democrats are following suit with what McCain is absurdly claiming, his analogy does not even align with what is actually happening in the Comey case.

Breitbart News reports:

“We’ve seen this movie before,” McCain told CBS News’s Bob Schieffer. “I think it’s reaching the point where it’s of Watergate size and scale… it’s a centipede that the shoe continues to drop.”

“Every couple of days, there’s a new aspect of this really unhappy situation… None of us, no matter what our political leanings are, no matter how we feel about Trump, feel this is not good for America,” McCain added.

McCain’s statements mark a new era in political alignments.

They are some of the harshest statements made by any member of the Republican Party against another — especially when concerned with talking about the Commander-in-Chief.

And while Democrats are quick to call for impeachment over the Comey memo, Republicans continue to stand relatively united despite their own political opinions.

McCain, however, seems to want to start all-out war between Congress and the White House.

Breitbart News reports:

The comments are the harshest yet from the GOP side of the aisle and come as some Democrats are openly calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment over the “Comey Memo.” Rep. Al Green (D-TX) did so on the House floor Tuesday morning.

McCain’s comments add to rumblings among certain other Republicans on Capitol Hill who have signaled their willingness to abandon Trump over the allegations in Comey’s memo and reports of discussion of classified information with Russian diplomats. The Hill reported Wednesday that the Comey Memo was causing more GOPers to try and detach their legislative agenda from the president.

McCain has been a proponent of the Russian election-influence narrative, and a central figure in Senate hearings on the issue. He expressed his dismay over President Trump’s decision to dismiss Comey last week.

And while McCain certainly has some strong opinions in the matter, ultimately he is just playing into the hands of liberal media outlets who also claim that the Watergate scandal is comparable to the Comey leaks, with no evidence found.

What are your thoughts?

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Do you think McCain is trying to tear the Republican Party apart?

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