While Americans increasingly fear the threat of an attack from radical Islamic groups on U.S. soil, many are worried at the Obama administration’s lackluster response to properly defending the country.

The probability of ISIS-linked jihadists masking themselves in the surge of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants streaming across the southern border seems likely.

And reports have surfaced that ISIS, and other radical jihadist groups, have converted dozens of sympathizers into potential foot soldiers inside the United States.

Those claims seem to explain why jihadist training camps — located on the map below — are appearing to become established inside the U.S.

According to reports, at least 22 training camps have been made known to the public, with 19 of the camps created as early as 2012.

The training camps are owned by Jumaat ul-Fuqra, and linked to the Muslims of America (MOA) , a Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda-related branch in Pakistan.

The Clarion Project released pertinent documentation obtained from the FBI that describes the MOA’s operation in Texas:

The organization says it has a network of 22 “villages” around the U.S., with Islamberg as its main headquarters in New York. The Clarion Project obtained secret MOA footage showing female members receiving paramilitary training at Islamberg. It was featured on the Kelly File on Fox  News Channel in October. A second MOA tape released by Clarion shows its spokesman declaring the U.S. to be a Muslim-majority country.

A 2007 FBI record states that MOA members have been involved in at least ten murders, one disappearance, three firebombings, one attempted firebombing, two explosive bombings and one attempted bombing. It states:

The documented propensity for violence by this organization supports the belief the leadership of the MOA extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad, or holy war, against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government. Members of the MOA are encouraged to travel to Pakistan to receive religious and military/terrorist training from Sheikh Gilani.

The document also says that, “The MOA is now an autonomous organization, which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.”

After recent terrorist attacks conducted by ISIS in Europe, and calls for terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, Americans are rightfully worried about the possibility of the terrorist group activating their “sleeper cells”.