The University of Missouri will be closing two dormitories due to their continued drop in enrollment after Black Lives Matter protestors took the campus hostage last fall.

KMBC 9 reported the University’s decision to close the halls was to also keep campus costs low amidst an ongoing budget crisis.

As American Patriot Daily previously reported the University of Missouri’s incoming class saw a 20% decline in freshman enrollment – leading to a $32 million deficit – when protests aimed at the former University System President Tim Wolfe, caused a national embarrassment for the school.

KMBC 9 also reported that these two dorm closures are in addition to two other dorms scheduled for demolition ahead of schedule because of declining enrollment as fallout from last fall’s protests.

It doesn’t take public relations major to figure out how the University of Missouri got to the point where it had to shut down entire dorms.

First of all, the Black Lives Matter protestors have misled the nation about several racial incidents on campus for the last 5 years. Many turned out to be blatant lies and others were, at best, exaggerated.

Then – using the false incidents – the Black Lives Matter protestors went on to create an outrageous list of demands, one of which was for Wolfe’s resignation. In addition, the small — but very loud — group of protestors demanded an increase of black faculty by 10% and more funding for so-called “social justice” clubs designed to promote Black Lives Matter activities on campus.

Even the entire University of Missouri’s football team joined the Black Lives Matter crusade by threatening to boycott all football related activities until Wolfe resigned.

But the biggest embarrassment for the University of Missouri occurred when a video surfaced on the internet of University of Missouri Professor Melissa Click ordering rowdy protesters to physically remove a student photographer on assignment for ESPN.

She was eventually fired for her actions and the protestor’s ringleaders were exposed for their false claims.

But the damage was already done.

Instead of patiently riding out the manufactured outrage by the George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter protestors and liberal media, Wolfe resigned his position which emboldened the activists’ stranglehold on the campus.

Now it’s up to Interim Chancellor Hank Foley to sort out the mess and handle the blowback.

In addition to closing dormitories, Foley has stated the university will impose a 5% cut across the board for the next two fiscal years.

The University will have to implement a hiring freeze for every department on campus and withhold annual promotions or raises.

This will affect the very same “social justice” department the Black Lives Matter protestors were demanding more funding and staff for.

It also appears the University of Missouri will not get much help from the Republican controlled state seeking to pass a budget this session.

The first budget to pass the state’s House of Representatives included $7.6 million in cuts to the University of Missouri.

But the Senate amended the budget and scaled the cuts down to just $1million.

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