Donald Trump is facing a big decision.

How will he handle the war in Afghanistan?

Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis made a shocking announcement about Trump’s new plan.

Mattis announced Trump had come to a decision and was ready to announce it to the American people.

The Hill reports:

“Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters on Sunday that President Trump has made a decision on the administration’s Afghanistan strategy.

“The president has made a decision,” Mattis told reporters traveling with him to Jordan, according to Reuters.

Mattis did not provide any details about the strategy, which Trump was to have discussed during a meeting at Camp David on Friday with his advisers. He made it clear that announcement would come from the president.

“I am very comfortable that the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous and did not go in with a pre-set position,” Mattis said. 

Trump is expected to add 4,000 troops to those already in Afghanistan, who are advising, training and assisting Afghan forces. The U.S. now has 8,400 troops in the country as part of the longest conflict in U.S. history.”

During the campaign, Trump advocated for an America First foreign policy that would not reduce American intervention around the globe.

His restrained foreign policy helped him win the election against globalist hawk Hillary Clinton.

But Trump was faced with no good options in Afghanistan.

Under Obama’s failed leadership, the Taliban retook significant territory.

This allowed ISIS and Al Qaeda to increase their footprint.

Trump – who had repeatedly rejected strategies that called for a significant increase of troops – had decided on a much more narrow deployment.

Axios reports on the new strategy:

“Trump’s top national security advisers all agree the only way they’ll win their missions in Afghanistan is to modestly increase troop levels, keep training the Afghan military, and keep a strong CIA and special forces presence to run aggressive counter-terrorism operations.

Two missions:

  1. “Operation Resolute Support”: While the Trump administration is explicitly repudiating both the idea and the phrase “nation building,” ORS is a train, advise and assist mission to help the Afghan army fight the Taliban, an official tells me. It’s meant to help keep the government from collapsing while reversing Taliban gains.

  2. Counter-terrorism mission — primarily to eradicate Al-Qaeda, ISIS-K and other terrorist groups from Afghanistan.”

Trump has never been comfortable operating under the bipartisan consensus foreign policy that has ruled Washington for generations.

But the Obama administration bungled the war in Afghanistan so badly that Trump was forced to go against his instincts.

Axios also reports:

“Trump’s instincts: The president has been blunt, telling his team that while he thinks the war in Afghanistan has been a disaster, and the U.S. is losing, he thinks total withdrawal would be bad.”

Is Trump right to order more troops to Afghanistan?

What are your thoughts?

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