The Obama administration lives by the motto “never let a crisis go to waste”.

That was never more apparent than after the Orlando terror attack where at least 50 Americans were killed and at least 50 more were wounded in the worst attack on our soil since 9/11.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s response politicized the tragedy and enraged Americans.

Rather than address the fact that the shooting was an act of Islamic terror, the Obama administration zeroed in on gun control.

Politico reports:

“Attorney General Loretta Lynch called Tuesday for a “hard discussion” about U.S. gun laws that allow people to purchase weapons like the assault rifle used in the massacre at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando early Sunday.

 “We need to have the hard discussion and talk about gun laws that allow an individual to legally purchase weapons that facilitate mass killing. We have to have those hard discussions,” Lynch said at a White House conference on women’s issues.

 Lynch’s remarks came at her first public appearance since the deadly Orlando shooting. She was on a trip to China for a cybersecurity summit when the violence broke out. The attorney general quickly cut the trip short and returned to the U.S.

 In her speech Tuesday, Lynch did not dwell on the gun control issue and she did not offer specific proposals, but her comments echoed similar calls from President Barack Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.”

 Since Obama’s push for his national gun registration scheme failed in 2013, his administration has been hunting around for the opportunity to kick-start legislation to chip away at the Second Amendment.

But in this case, no amount of gun control legislation would have stopped the terrorist.

The shooter, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, was finger printed and passed a background check for his job as a security guard.

All of his weapons were purchased legally.

And the shooting at Pulse nightclub took place in a “Gun Free Zone”.

In addition to using the terror attack to push their gun control agenda, the Obama administration may be trying to distract from their own failures which allowed the terrorist to roam free despite being a red flag to federal authorities.

Politico reports:

Questions have already been raised about the FBI’s prior interactions with the shooter, Omar Mateen, who was killed during the early-morning attack that claimed 49 other lives and left dozens more injured. The FBI interviewed Mateen three times and subjected him to a 10-month investigation that included use of a confidential informant and interception of his communications, but closed the probe into him in 2014.

 The Obama administration had Mateen in their sights but dropped the case.

How and why did this happen?

Was it political correctness run amok?

Or was the federal government too busy spying on Americans to focus their resources on high-level targets?

Whatever the answer is, it does not reflect well on the Obama administration’s priorities.

And rather than address their own intelligence failures as well as the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, Obama and his subordinates are using this tragedy as an excuse to push gun control.