ok hillary-clinton-and-elizabeth-warrenLeft-wing group organizes 365,000 radicals to monkey wrench Democrat primary

When talk radio host Rush Limbaugh announced his “Operation Chaos” plan to drag out the 2012 Democrat presidential primary by having Republican voters cast ballots for Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama, the radical left howled in protest.

Four years later, liberals have embraced it completely.

The radical or leftist groups Democracy for America and MoveOn.org hope to inject chaos into the 2016 Democrat presidential primary by organizing an effort to defeat presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

Deeming Clinton not radical left enough, the groups have organized 365,000 voters who support a run by Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Ironically, MoveOn.org started as an effort to defend Clinton’s husband from impeachment on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, who claimed he would support Clinton’s 2016 campaign, founded Democracy for America.

A Warren run would pose huge problems for Clinton. A left-wing darling and identity politics warlord, Warren polls better against Clinton than current challengers, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Public Policy Polling find Clinton currently has the support of just 54 percent of Democrats in the presidential primary. Clinton’s saving grace is that while Democrats don’t want her, they have no alternative…for now.

Sanders polls at just five percent, and just one percent for O’Malley. However, Warren has 12 percent. The 365,000 names would provide Warren with a huge jump-start in fundraising and organizing. Even if she were to not win, she would earn enough support to drag out the primary and cost Clinton millions.

“We’ve assembled a grassroots army and demonstrated the substantial support Sen. Warren could expect if she were to enter the race,” says MoveOn.org’s Ilya Sherman.

“Even without her in the race, Elizabeth Warren and the Run Warren Run campaign she inspired have already transformed the 2016 presidential election by focusing every single Democratic candidate on combating our country’s income inequality crisis,” says Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy for America. “We still think there’s plenty of time for Sen. Warren to change her mind, but now that we’ve shown that she has the support she would need to mount a winning a campaign, we’re excited to take the grassroots juggernaut we’ve built with our members and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Warren in the battles ahead.”

For Clinton, the message is simple. Move left, and move left hard, or we will ruin your campaign.