Liberals are quick to jump on any chance to denounce President Trump and his success as President so far.

But not even Democrats can argue away the results of a recent poll, showing that one particular group has a large approval rating for President Trump.

During his campaign, President Trump promised to build a border wall across the Mexican- American border, and an unlikely group is in favor of him and his policies.

A recent poll just showed that Hispanic support for President Trump is at an all-time high.

The Blaze reports:

According to a new poll from Zogby Analytics, President Trump is seeing an enormous jump in his approval ratings from a very unlikely group – Hispanics.

In the nationwide random online survey of 876 likely American voters from April 28th until April 29th, Hispanics gave the president an approval rating of 45%, a full 6 points above the 39% he received from the demographic group in February. His disapproval rating was 51% and 53% respectively in those months among Hispanics.

This is especially surprising since his approval ratings among likely voters fell 5 points in just two months from February to May, with 48% and 43% respectively.

During the election, Democrats campaigned specifically to the Hispanic demographic in the hopes they would be opposed to President Trump’s border wall.

Essentially, the Democratic Party was searching for sympathy votes in a minority population, and were once again unsuccessful.

The Blaze reports:

Hispanics had been targeted by Democrats especially during this election as they hoped that Trump’s rhetoric on illegal immigration and Mexico could be used to sway the group to Hillary Clinton’s corner. Their efforts proved ineffective as Trump’s share of the Hispanic vote grew slightly from Mitt Romney’s share, and Hillary actually did worse among Hispanics than Obama did in the previous election. The Zogby poll, if accurate, further corroborates the narrative that Trump’s appeal among Hispanics is greater than liberals would believe.

Reasons for the increase in Hispanic support for President Trump are not exactly known, but likely come from the benefits he is working to supply to blue-collar workers and the need for increased security along the border.

Breitbart News reports:

It is not clear why Trump’s support has risen among Latinos. But a series of polls stretching back to 2014 show that many Hispanics strongly support more border security to protect their communities from crime and low-wage labor. For example, a poll of Latinos taken in June 2014 showed “77 percent [support] for an e-verify system for employers [and] 78 percent for stronger border security.” The 2014 poll of 800 registered Latinos was funded by, an advocacy group supported by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

This surge in Hispanic support is accompanied by a decline in Trump’s general approval, going from 48 percent approval down to 43 percent in the current survey.

The polling firm also found that support for Trump among independents has also increased slightly.

President Trump has been critiqued consistently by liberal groups for his anti-illegal immigration policies, but has made statements that he is only opposed to illegal immigration, rather than targeting specific groups.

The Blaze reports:

Critics of the president claimed that he accused all Mexican immigrants of being drug dealers and rapists during the presidential campaign, while Trump clarified that he was talking about some of the illegal immigrants, and not legal immigrants.

In the end, the Democratic Party needs to realize that they are too out of touch with everyday Americans, and even the legal immigrants they advocate for.

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