The leftist media has been spreading lies, claiming President Trump has Russian ties that are influencing his political decisions.

While the claims are completely unfounded, fake news has become a hugely controversial issue in the country, due to the fact some believe the fake news may have some real backing.

But now, a shocking twist has come to light that changes the whole story.

Many liberal journalists have Russian influences themselves.

The big media organization in Russia, Russia Today, regularly enlists reporters from the United States, who frequently bash America.

The Daily Caller reported:

But the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned that a host of liberal American political activists and journalists have much more than occasional meetings with RT. Many of them, in fact, draw regular paychecks from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s flagship TV network.

It’s rarely reported in the U.S. news media, but many of the liberal activists and journalists who participate in RT programming openly bash the United States and defend Russia.

Another interesting twist to the story is proof Jill Stein, the presidential candidate for the Green Party, was supported by Russia Today, and she openly endorsed a friendly Russian-American relationship.

The Daily Caller reported:

The American “star” at the Dec. 10, 2015, RT celebration was Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. Speaking on a panel titled “Frenemies,” which challenged the view that Russia was an “enemy state,” Stein condemned “this very simplistic defense of who is our friend and who is our enemy is counterproductive.”

RT also was the sole television sponsor of the Green Party event that chose Stein as the party’s 2016 standard-bearer.

Furthermore, several other liberals have played into the hands of the Russians, including an activist of Hillary Clinton and the liberal media host Larry King.

The Daily Caller reported:

Other American participants included Max Blumenthal — son of Sid Blumenthal, who worked with 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Legendary TV host and celebrity interviewer Larry King’s shows also broadcast on RT.

Other Americans who spoke at the RT conference included two disaffected CIA analysts, the former mayor of Salt Lake City who opposed the war in Iraq, an American professor who opposed dropping atomic bombs on Japan to end World War II, and a Christian Science Monitor reporter who denounced Western “disinformation” campaigns against Putin.

Also speaking at the conference was WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who appeared via video from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

(Larry King)
King has effusively praised Putin, saying, “I had an affinity with him. You try to get that with a lot of guests, but I really had it with him … he has qualities that have nothing to do with politics … they change a room.”

It seems that Russia is attempting to seek a legitimate stance in the American political landscape, but not by any Republican lead.

Rather, the liberals who are claiming Trump has Russian ties are the ones who have Russian ties themselves.

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