halloweenUniversities send out the thought police to crack down on atrocities like ‘mad scientist’ costumes

If you though the liberal “War on Christmas” was stupid, then you probably shouldn’t see their “War on Halloween.”

Yes, liberals are now targeting Halloween as a crime against society.

Their preferred weapon?  Published guides telling college students what costumes they consider psychological violence against minority groups.

“Wesleyan University is placing itself on the front lines of the Halloween Wars with a newly-published guide instructing students on how to avoid wearing offensive Halloween costumes,” The Daily Caller reports.

“Unsure if your costume might be offensive?” it asks.

“Don’t be scared to ask questions,” it orders, followed with contact information for the “Office of Equality and Inclusion” among other university officials.

Students are encouraged to report potentially offensive costumes to the authorities.

“Check yourself and your friends,” the university orders.

The university’s forbidden costumes go far beyond a common sense admonition against anything racist or bigoted.

The university’s thought police warn students to avoid or report any costume that “trivializes human suffering, oppression, and marginalization.”

What does that mean?

It means traditional Halloween costumes like “prisoner” or “mad scientist” are banned by liberal activists.

That’s not a joke.  Liberal universities have banned “mad scientist” costumes.

Just ask students at the notoriously liberal Harvey Mudd College, who tried to host a “Mudd Goes Mad” scientist-themed party.

“We are disappointed at your choice of the name for the event, as well as your rationale for allowing the name ‘Mudd Goes Madd.’ Your disregard of the concerns of the mental health community and their allies trivializes issues that we deem extremely important to our community. Further, the exclusion of the mental health community in the discussion of allowing the event name is inappropriate,” read a whiny statement from the school’s student government.

Yes, they demanded the students work with mental health advocates in planning the party.

College isn’t just making kids stupider, it’s making them whiner.