Gavel With American Banknote And BookLiberalism is the fear that someone, somewhere, is having fun

The rise of liberal fascism was just ratcheted up a notch when Arlington County, Virginia voted to increase its fines for saying illegal words in public.

Under a new ordinance, saying a curse word in public is punishable by a $250 fine, up from $100.

In fact, Arlington actually arrested four people in 2014 for saying illegal words.

Arlington County is an urbanized suburb of Washington, D.C. of over 224,000 people.

Populated largely by federal government employees and young liberals, its median family income is a stunning $127,179.

In 2012 Barack Obama won 69 percent of the vote there.

The increase in fines for illegal words comes as liberals step up their efforts to make Americans fear opposing their political agenda.

Liberals are working harder than ever to make Americans believe the government can and should police their thoughts and speech.

But as is the case in Baltimore, liberals are perpetuating the very racist laws they claim only they can stop.

“Petty crimes like swearing in public, or just talking too loud in public, were among a long list of offenses that under ‘black codes’ and ‘pig laws’ would earn African Americans stiffer punishments than whites who committed the same offenses in the late 19th century,” The Atlantic reports.

And under the control of white liberals and their speech codes, Arlington County is even more “racist” than the red states to which they direct their hate.

“Of the total number of drunkenness arrests, 28 percent were of African Americans, while 70 percent were of white offenders—this in a county where African Americans make up only 8.9 percent of residents while whites make up 77.3 percent, according to Census figures,” The Atlantic reports.

“When it comes to disorderly conduct arrests, which could include abusive language, the arrest rates are even more obscenely lopsided: 2,283 arrests of African Americans, or 55 percent of all disorderly conduct arrests, compared to 1,832 arrests of whites, or 44 percent,” The Atlantic continued.

Despite it not being constitutional and with the racial implications, Arlington County is plowing ahead with its plan to crack down on cursing in public.

Perhaps liberalism really is the crippling fear that someone, somewhere, is having fun.