Leaked data from the FBI database recently obtained by the media shows over 7,700 acts or potential terrorist threats have occurred in the United States within the past year.

Many of the incidents occurred around the United States/Mexico Border, more frequently occurring in border states than into the landmass, and many cases also involved individuals who were listed on the Terror Watch List.

Sensitive information was released from the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center.

Breitbart reports:

“The leaked FBI data are contained in a fusion center’s educational materials, specifically the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center’s (ACTIC) “Known or Suspected Terrorist (KST) Encounters Briefing” covering from July 20 2015 through July 20 2016. The leaked documents are composed of 10 individual pages, but Breitbart Texas chose to release only nine of them due to page 10 containing contact information for ACTIC.”

Page two is a detailed map of the United States and shows the number of occurrences per state within the US. The third page is a detailed account of the occurrences specifically within Arizona’s border.

The majority of incidents in Arizona occurred in or around the Phoenix area, which gives the FBI insight that terrorist attacks generally focus on more populated areas.

Also of much significance is that many of the incidents occurred in or around ports of entry of  border states, meaning the attacks occurred while illegal aliens tried to sneak into the United States.

This information could be key to finding real solutions to the border control problems the United States currently faces – for example, securing the ports of entry which are commonly used  to enter the United States.

Page six contains statistics based on known terrorist links, as Breitbart reports:

“Page Six shows a pie chart indicating that the majority of encounters in Arizona were with Islamic known or suspected terrorists, both Sunni and Shi’a. Eighty-nine encounters were Sunni, 56 were Shi’a, 70 were “Other International Terrorist Groups or Affiliates,” and only 52 were with “Domestic Terrorism.”

Not surprisingly, many of the attacks were linked to Islamic religious groups.

In the past year, there have been several mass shootings and bombings in the United States which were accredited to the Islamic State religious sect. One example would be the attack at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016.

Finally, the last few pages released gave definitions and details to help better understand the maps and charts.

The threat of terrorism on American soil becomes more of a realistic idea daily, and extra precautions need to be taken into effect. The information released yields a better understanding of terrorist trends, which local officials could use in order to better protect their towns.

What are your thoughts? Was this information shocking to you? Do you feel if more information like this was released to the public, it would help better protect us from terrorist acts?

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