Few Americans have been satisfied with the reasons why the FBI didn’t recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for sending classified intelligence over a private email server.

For the third time, FBI Director James Comey testified in front of Congress to explain his decision.

And his answers left one Congressmen furious.

Appearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Comey tried to rationalize why he granted immunity to five Clinton staffers while not bringing charges to anyone else.

Usually when prosecutors grant immunity, it’s intended to free lower level associates in order to bring charges against a higher-up associate.

But in this case, it appeared the immunity was given to protect everyone from charges.

And Americans were shocked to learn just how many Clinton staffers received immunity.

Hillary’s former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, clearly lied when she said she didn’t know about Clinton’s server, claiming the first she heard of it was when Hillary left the State Department.

But a 2010 email reveals she had inquired whether Hillary’s server was online and working properly.

Other Clinton underlings were found having destroyed emails while they were under subpoena.

They were either protected from criminal charges by immunity, or their conduct and lies were ignored by the FBI.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday that he did not think there was “a lot of immunity” granted during the year-long investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private emails, even though five of Clinton’s former staffers received immunity deals.

Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff, was one of those who received limited “act of production” immunity as part of a deal under which she gave her laptop to investigators. Agents found classified emails on Mills’ hard drive.

Aside from Mills, two other State Department staffers, John Bentel and Heather Samuelson, were also given immunity agreements, along with Bryan Pagliano, Clinton’s former IT aide, and Paul Combetta, an employee at the company hired to manager her server.

But Comey downplayed these agreements and said they weren’t excessive compared to other investigations.”

If there were classified emails on Mills’ laptop, how did they get there?

These emails may have been among the 110 emails on 52 chains sent through Clinton’s unsecured home brew server which Comey has confirmed contained classified information.

Hillary knowingly sent emails containing classified intelligence through her private server – and it is a crime.

Which is why Chairman Goodlatte declared he believes Hillary committed multiple felonies.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Republicans on the committee also grilled Comey over the controversial conclusion of the Clinton email case.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, pointed to Comey’s “questionable basis” for closing the case without recommending indictments for anyone involved.

“It seems clear that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton committed multiple felonies,” Goodlatte said.”

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