Biden believed he could get away with it.

He never believed he would be called out on his actions.

But now, Kayleigh McEnany reveals this one shocking fact that shook Biden to his core.

As November draws closer, both Democrats and Republicans have fingers crossed for the results of the election.

And both sides are trying to get their poll numbers up and raise the support they need.

However, Biden appears to be trying to get his numbers by misleading the public and twisting the truth.

In a recent interview with the AFL-CIO, Biden misled his union buddies in an attempt to boost his numbers.

He cited factually incorrect statistics about the economy, hoping to frame Trump in the worst light possible.

He claimed Trump would be the only President to end his tenure with less jobs than he started with.

While America is facing an unemployment crisis, the blame for that falls on the fact that there was a global pandemic this year.

No one can predict a pandemic, but Biden made it sound as though Trump had magical powers to stop the economic struggle as a result of COVID-19.

However, Kayleigh McEnany was not going to let these blatant lies stand.

During her seven-minute interview on Fox News, she answered questions about Biden as well as the debunked piece from The Atlantic.

In her interview, she brings to light the fact that this nation saw some of the slowest economic growth when Obama and Biden were previously in office.

Additionally, she notes how the economy has done while Trump has been in office.

While COVID-19 caused it to dip substantially, Trump managed to grow the economy towards what it was before the pandemic.

She expressed that even as experts were predicting certain doom across the board, Trump managed to keep the economy afloat.

Bonchie, a writer for the blog RedState, stated:

“Even in regards to the recovery this year from the COVID crisis, the economy has far outpaced the apocalyptic assertions of our supposed intellectual betters. Absolutely no one but the Trump administration was saying we’d be back to 8.4% unemployment this soon. This isn’t just a V-shaped recovery, it’s a very compressed V-shaped recovery.”

They continued:

“In fact, as fast as things are moving, the only reason they aren’t moving faster is that blue states continue to purposely handicap their own economies.”

Biden attempted to gaslight Americans into believing he did not oversee one of the slowest periods of economic growth in the nation.

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He then tried to spin that narrative on Trump, as if he was blaming him for the virus.

In addition to disproving Biden’s ridiculous claims, McEnany went on to address The Atlantic’s article.

She laid the facts out; 19 people have gone on record saying that Trump did not call any deceased soldiers “losers.”

They have all said the story was completely untrue.

Even John Bolton, who is violently anti-Trump, stated that the story was false.

McEnany revealed the lies Biden has been fabricating and brought the truth to light.

It appears Biden’s falsehoods are having little to no effect anymore.