Almost the entire press corps has a mission to take down Donald Trump.

But new press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has been smacking down the corrupt press left and right.

And McEnany just destroyed “The Squad” with one statement.

The so-called mainstream media have been pumping up “The Squad,” the four freshmen socialist congresswomen elected in 2018.

The two most prominent members are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

It also turns out that their communities have been ravaged by rioting and looting they’ve either encouraged or ignored.

Ocasio-Cortez blamed a spike in violent crime in New York City on starving people stealing loaves of bread as if she just watched “Les Misérables.”

When she isn’t rambling about politics, she’s organizing failed boycotts and scaring away jobs from her community.

Omar is equally destructive to her own community.

She called for the police to be defunded in light of George Floyd’s murder, and it’s only led to mayhem in the streets.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis city council members who call for the police to be defunded enjoy private security on the taxpayers’ dime.

Kayleigh McEnany has had enough of the Squad’s idiocy, and eviscerated them during a press briefing.

Responding to Omar calling the police a “cancer,” McEnany said, “This is not how we should be talking about our heroes.”

The anti-police rhetoric of the left has gone completely off the rails.

McEnany particularly went after Ocasio-Cortez and said, “You have, most egregious of all, really, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying, ‘Defund[ing] the police means defund[ing] the police.’ She criticized, of course, the announcement of $1.5 billion being taken down from NYPD. And this weekend…there were 28 shootings in New York, a 600 percent increase from this time last year — you have Representative Ocasio-Cortez saying this is just because people are trying to get food with their families.  That is preposterous.”

People aren’t being murdered in gang shootings because of job loss due to the Wuhan virus.

McEnany continued, “The reality is 63 percent of Americans in this country fear that criticism of our police departments will lead to no public safety in their streets, and 69 percent of black Americans.  This is a real issue when you call our police ‘cancer,’ when you talk about dismantling them.”

The overwhelming majority of Americans want the police to do their jobs, including black Americans.

The lie that it’s “open season” on black people is spread by far-left activists who cynically use race to tear the country in half.

Black communities suffer the most when cops withdraw from an area; this phenomenon has been dubbed the “Ferguson effect” after crime surged in light of the Michael Brown protests.

Leftists only know how to destroy.

They don’t care what happens after they leave.

It’s the communities that have to pick up the pieces after they move on to their next target.

Ilhan Omar couldn’t care less about all of the black-owned businesses that were gutted by rioting and looting.

Those black lives, as well as the ones killed in senseless violence, don’t matter.