Democrats and left-wing protestors are inciting civil unrest to cause chaos in hopes of defeating Donald Trump.

But the left just got some bad news.

And that’s because Kayleigh McEnany had one six word response that hushed Democrats into silence.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa protestors claimed statues of Confederate generals must be torn down because they supposedly were monuments to America’s racist past.

Nancy Pelosi nodded to these protestors by removing portraits of four previous Speakers of the House – all of whom were Democrats – from the Capitol because they served in the Confederacy.

Conservatives argued that these protestors using the cause of taking down monuments to the Confederacy was just a Trojan horse to overthrow American society by erasing America’s history.

Those on the right that argued Black Lives Matter and other activists were really waging a cultural revolution were proven right when mobs tore down statues of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant and Francis Scott Key.

During a White House press briefing, left-wing performance artist Yamiche Alcindor of PBS asked White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany what she had to say to Americans that found statues of Confederate generals racist.

McEnany did not take the bait and called out Alcindor and her allies on the left for playing a shell game asking, “where do you draw the line?”

“So I would note on statues, that what we’re seeing across the country is really quite confusing because you are seeing statues defaced – like Gandhi’s statue defaced and Ulysses S. Grant statues defaced and abolitionist Matthias Baldwin statues defaced,” McEnany replied. “At the same time, we’re being told that the George Washington statue needs to come down, the Thomas Jefferson’s statue needs to come down. Where do you draw the line from Gandhi all the way to George Washington?”

Alcindor pressed her misleading attack, but McEnany once again shut her down, pointing out that Black Lives Matter radicals long ago moved past the idea of removing Confederate monuments by beheading a statue of Christopher Columbus.

“So I would point that out and I will say that when people watch these statue defacements and the beheading of some of these statues, like Christopher Columbus — where do you draw the line? Because apparently the line goes all the way to Gandhi,” McEnany added.

Any doubt that Americans had that the Black Lives Matter movement was about way more than police brutality was eliminated after the rash of attacks on statues of the Founding Fathers and other iconic American historical figures.

Black Lives Matter is a movement of revolutionaries intent on wiping away America’s past because controlling the narrative about a nation’s history is how you shape its future.

And Kayleigh McEnany pointed out the dangerous place this movement wants to take America.

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