Liberal politician threatened to prosecute conservatives to nab lists of government critics.

The First Amendment is still the law.

For now.

A California District Court Judge struck down an attempt by the state’s radical liberal Attorney General to force a conservative group to give her a list of government critics.

Kamala Harris threatened to prosecute Americans for Prosperity unless they handed her a list of the group’s donors.

Under federal law, that information is not to be made public.

District Court Judge Manuel Real ruled that Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office did not demonstrate a sufficient need for that information when it sought to bar the conservative Americans for Prosperity Foundation from raising money in the state unless it turned over that list, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

 The AFP Foundation “has proven that disclosing its Schedule B to the Attorney General would create a burden on its First Amendment rights,” Real wrote in his decision.

 Schedule B refers to the portion of non-profits’ annual filings with the Internal Revenue Service that disclose their major donors. Though 501(c)(3) non-profit groups are required to provide that information to the IRS, the agency is barred from publicly disclosing it, the Free Beacon reports.

Harris’ attack on AFP is just part of a national effort by radical liberals to force grassroots conservatives to turn over “enemies’ lists.”

California has already seen what happens when conservatives are forced by the state to publish a list of their supporters.

During the debate over a state ban on gay marriage, liberal groups sued and forced the publication of the list of citizens who signed a petition supporting traditional marriage.

Armed with the list of citizens who expressed conservative viewpoints, liberal guerilla activists literally hunted down and stalked average citizens, harassing them and even threatening to kill them, simply because they believed marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Several conservatives lost their jobs after liberals mobbed their workplaces and threatened to attack customers.

And it’s not just in California.  During the debate over ObamaCare, liberals used political financial disclosures to organize protests on the front lawns of the homes of average citizens who donated to anti-ObamaCare groups.

With mobs of liberals screaming at their children, these citizens were bullied and threatened into silencing their opposition to the program.

But the California ruling is just a temporary victory, in just one state.

Liberal bankroller George Soros has poured millions of dollars into a “state Attorneys General project,” with the aim of snatching those offices — and putting them under the control of liberal activists who will stoop to any means necessary to grab lists of government critics, and use them to harass and threaten citizens.

In Montana, for example, one citizen who donated to the opponent of his State Senator was surprised to find the Senator show up at his home, where he and his business were threatened.

That’s why federal law guarantees that citizens who donate to grassroots political groups can maintain their anonymity.

For now.