Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice has become a figure of great controversy.

It was revealed that she ordered the unmasking of Trump officials picked up in government surveillance.

And one Judge says she belongs in jail.

Susan Rice is a notorious liar.

She falsely claimed a YouTube video had caused the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

Rice also lied when she stated that the Obama administration had helped facilitate a deal where all of Syria’s chemical weapons were removed.

And she told a whopper on PBS when she claimed to know nothing about the incidental surveillance that caught members of the Trump team.

Now Fox analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks Rice could face legal jeopardy if she testifies in front of Congress.

Judge Napolitano believes Rice is such a habitual liar, she could be trapped into providing false testimony and face prosecution.

LawNewz reports:

“The segment began with Napolitano referring to Rice as a “serial liar” who has told fibs about everything from Benghazi to the current allegations of Obama White House surveillance of the Trump administration and even “lied” about the chemical weapon situation in Syria. Her boss, President Obama, famously negotiated a last minute deal with Russia to “remove” all of Assad’s chemical stockpiles back in 2013 to avoid a cruise missile strike. The opening was created after Russia took advantage of an off the cuff remark by then-Secretary of State John Kerry, that may not have really be meant as a serious offer. Recent attacks attributed to the Syrian regime make it appear as though “all” stockpiles were not actually removed.

Napolitano then went into detail about how this could all come back to bite Rice in the event she has to testify in front of a Congressional committee.  He suggested with all her past “lies” she cannot be a seen as credible witness.

However, the interview became really interesting when Napolitano suggested one of the consequences Rice may face is prosecution for misleading Congress.  He said if Congress can “trap” her into a corner on one of these issues, he believes they will recommend the Department of Justice prosecute her.

“I think the Trump administration is so furious with what she did, that they will lay a trap for her and we’ll see if she falls into it,” Napolitano said.  He also suggested they could possibly ago after her for lying under oath and “a few other instances which Congressman [Trey] Gowdy and his colleagues come up with.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said he was concerned about the unmasking of Trump officials.

But the unmasking was just the start.

The classified intercepts that contained Trump officials were illegally leaked to the press.

While Rice denied leaking, can anyone believe her?

And if she didn’t leak it, what happened to the information after she received the reports with the Trump officials who were unmasked?

Who did she share that information with?

Did they leak it?

Critics contend the only reason Rice would have had to request the unmasking of Trump officials was for political purposes.

Rice needs to testify so Congress can get to the bottom of this growing Trump scandal.

But Rice’s history of lying could put her on the legal hot seat if she appears in front of Congress.