Joe Biden

When Joe Biden entered the Presidential contest, Democrats and the fake news media declared him President Trump’s strongest challenger.

But now the unthinkable just happened.

And Joe Biden waved the white flag of surrender. Here is why Trump is celebrating.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has faced the hardest weeks in his political career.

Following his role in the radical left’s attempted impeachment of the President, Biden and his family has been at the center of several scandals. And his performance in the Iowa Caucus reflects just that.

Once the frontrunner for the Democrats, Biden came in fourth of the main nominees, with only 15% of the votes.

It is clear that Biden, who was once the left’s greatest hope to defeat current President Donald Trump, has fallen out of favor.

And now, Biden just admitted the unthinkable about his opponents.

Fox News reports:

Biden finished a distant fourth in last Monday’s caucuses, which kicked off the presidential nominating calendar. Buttigieg and Sanders finished at 26 percent of delegates won in the caucuses, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts at 18 percent and Biden in fourth at 16 percent. The AP has yet to call a winner in the contest.

Biden admitted at a campaign event on Wednesday in Somersworth, New Hampshire, “I’m not going to sugarcoat it. We took a gut punch in Iowa.”

Biden knows that his campaign is over before it even got started. He has lost his favor with the Democratic party after he failed them in their hoax of an impeachment trial. Now, their support has fallen to Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders; the two current frontrunners.

He has even been recorded giving his congratulations to his opponents, stating that they were better run and had better organized campaigns than he did.

Biden has also stated how he expects New Hampshire to have the same results as Iowa, with his campaign falling even further behind.

“I took a hit in Iowa and I’m probably going to take a hit here,” the former vice president emphasized as he seemingly downplayed expectations for his finish in Tuesday’s primary.

It is not clear if Biden will even make it to Super Tuesday, the day where much of America votes for their nominee for the presidential race.

Biden has clearly shown that his days on the campaign trail are over. He lost this race the day he decided to help the radical left in an elaborate hoax to attempt and impeach the President.

The left lost that gamble, and now it has cost Biden any hope at a presidency.