Joe Biden can’t keep his story straight trying to get rid of this sexual scandal.

His denials are making the situation worse for him.

Joe Biden said three lies about Tara Reade that are taking his campaign down.

Joe Biden’s campaign has mainly been Joe Biden coasting along on the strength of his relationship with the Obama presidency despite the fact that Barack Obama wouldn’t endorse him until he secured the nomination.

Bernie Sanders was a bump in Biden’s way, but the Democrat leadership took care of Bernie Sanders and made sure that Joe Biden would win Super Tuesday by getting Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar to drop out of the primary.

Tara Reade is a problem that the Democrats can’t magically make disappear; Biden’s campaign is having to take care of the issue and they’re doing a spectacularly bad job of it.

Biden’s campaign has issued three big lies that have backfired massively on the former Vice President.

Breitbart News outlined the lies that Joe Biden made.

“CLAIM #1: The New York Times conducted a ‘thorough review’ of Reade’s allegations.

VERDICT: False.”

The New York Times’ investigation failed to turn up the record of Tara Reade’s mother calling Larry King’s CNN program even though Tara mentioned that her mother made such a call. If they had been interested in getting every shred of evidence, surely, they could have found such an easily accessed piece of information.

There are also Biden’s sealed Senate records that should be examined to see if they might have some evidence pertaining to the case.

The investigation into Joe Biden is far from over.

“CLAIM #2: The Times’ reporting ‘has led to the truth: this incident did not happen.’

VERDICT: False.”

The New York Times shot this lie down themselves. A New York Times spokesperson said Wednesday that they never meant to clear Joe Biden of the alleged sexual assault and that Biden’s campaign was inaccurately reporting the results of their investigation, which was not thorough in the beginning.

CLAIM #3: There has never even been a ‘hint’ or ‘rumor’ of similar behavior from Biden ‘ever’ in history.

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Tara Reade is the eighth woman to accuse Joe Biden of sexual misconduct. While her accusations are the most serious ones Biden has faced, his reputation was not good.

The far-left magazine CounterPunch wrote in 2008:

Biden is a notorious flapjaw. His vanity deludes him into believing that every word that drops from his mouth is minted in the golden currency of Pericles. Vanity is the most conspicuous characteristic of US Senators en bloc, nourished by deferential acolytes and often expressed in loutish sexual advances to staffers, interns and the like. On more than one occasion CounterPunch’s editors have listened to vivid accounts by the recipient of just such advances, this staffer of another senator being accosted by Biden in the well of the senate in the weeks immediately following his first wife’s fatal car accident. [emphasis added]

If Joe Biden wants to clear his name, he needs to address the allegations against him and stop hiding behind his campaign. The Senate papers need to be examined and an actual thorough investigation should take place.

Only if he takes these steps will Biden be able to clear his name.