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Joe Biden can’t help himself.

The former Vice President has a history of racist gaffes and his missteps only have gotten worse as his mental faculties decline.

And now Joe Biden made another racist gaffe that had Democrats taking one deep breath.

Biden recently travelled to Kenosha, Wisconsin to continue his campaign.

He expected to gain a massive boost in popularity while there, but he ended up butchering his public performance, as usual.

In his recent speech, Biden claims that a black man invented the light bulb and not “a guy named Edison.”

Now, Biden was referring to a black American inventor named Lewis Howard Latimer, who made many valuable contributions to the light bulb and the telephone.

He was employed by Thomas Edison in 1880, becoming a vital part of Edison’s elite research team.

Specifically, Latimer helped invent the carbon filament inside the light bulb.

This replaced the previous version, which was made of paper and burned out easily.

He then went on to patent an efficient process of manufacturing the lightbulbs with the carbon filament.

In an article for The Independent, Oliver O’Connell wrote:

“While it was Mr. Edison that invented the first commercially viable light bulb, it was Mr. Latimer who made its widespread use possible with his patented improvements.”

Biden was referring to the fact that the contributions of black men and women are not taught in schools.

He stated:

“Why in God’s name don’t we teach history in history classes? A black man invented the light bulb. Not a white guy named Edison … There’s so much. Did anybody know?”

Now, it is an unfortunate oversight that these great black men and women are not taught about in history classes.

As Americans, we should strive to include the histories of all varieties of peoples found in America.

However, Biden took this bit way too far.

In an attempt to please his supporters – who have taken to rioting on the streets to get their way- Biden over-exaggerated his “history lesson” to appeal to the mob.

He made it seem that all great inventions in the USA were created by black people, then stolen by white people.

He stated, specifically:

“A black guy invented the lightbulb, not a white guy named Edison.”

His stuttering and lack of credit aside, this kind of propaganda is exactly what the Democrats want people to spread.

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They want to still be seen as “with the people,” despite all of their policies and decisions to the contrary.

It is no exaggeration to say the Democrats will bow to the whims of the mob.

Any whim, it seems, even rewriting history.

Biden is attempting to erase white history in order to push his agenda forward.

While it is concerning that black Americans’ contributions are not properly recognized or taught, the solution is not to erase white history.

The solution is to meet in the middle, something the Democrats have never been good at.

They operate by extremes and extremes alone.

And they will continue to do so for as long as they have power.