The Democrats were hoping they could claim a historic achievement with their vice president pick.

But Republicans beat them to the punch.

Joe Biden learned a piece of information that completely upset his VP search.

There’s an undeniable feeling of being let down among Democrats.

They’ve had Obama as the first African American President and then they had Hillary Clinton as a historic female nominee.

Now they have Biden, an old white man, and career politician, who is increasingly having mental problems.

Biden also has a habit of saying troubling remarks to the black community and a former staff member has accused him of sexual assault.

Biden is hoping to be able to clear up the troubling parts of his record, not by actually opening up his record or apologizing but by picking a vice president who is both a woman and a minority.

Joe Biden may be hoping to set a record but he really won’t be doing anything other than pandering to progressives.

Two nominees have already picked women as their running mates and the first minority vice president was elected over 90 years ago and was a Republican.

While Elizabeth Warren might claim to have Native American ancestry, Charles Curtis was the real deal.

Curtis, born in 1860, grew up on a reservation after his mother died when he was three years old and his first language was the language of the tribe.

He continued to be a member of the Kaw tribe his entire life.

“He’d like to say, ‘I’m three-eighths Caw Indian and 100% American,’” University of Kansas historian David Hamilton said to the Washington Examiner. “And that Indian heritage was important to him as a Kansas politician.”

However, his ancestry was not held under a microscope at the time. His ancestry was a matter of personal pride, not national attention despite being historic.

“Had Al Smith, who was Catholic and the first Catholic on a presidential ticket, beaten Hoover, that would have been more significant at the time,” Hamilton added. “These religious divisions carried much more weight back then. Race was less consequential then because there weren’t any real efforts to address civil rights or things of that nature. It doesn’t divide the nation as it does today.”

While many of us look at the past as a deeply racist place, in some ways it was less obsessed with race than it is today.

Charles Curtis was born thirty years after the Trail of Tears and yet he could be proud of his heritage and proud to be an American.

The fact that Joe Biden is looking for a vice president who is a woman and a minority is insulting because it implies that he’s going to pick the person that fits the right categories instead of picking the person who would be best for the job.

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