Joe Biden has a record that he needs to keep hidden at all costs.

The radical left will destroy him if they get the chance.

Joe Biden is trapped in a perilous situation he was desperate to avoid.

America has been horrified to see George Floyd become unresponsive as a police officer placed his knee against his neck. The officer, Derek Chauvin, is facing charges of murder and the other three officers will be facing charges as well.

More than 25 years ago there was another racial incident involving four police officers and a black man.

On March 3, 1991, four police were caught on camera beating construction worker Rodney King, a black man, for almost 10 minutes.

Two months after this event that divided America,Biden proposed the “Police Officer’s Bill of Rights Act.”

“The bill also would have restricted when and how misconduct investigations could take place, such as limiting interviews to one interrogator at a time and requiring that [a] lawyer represent the officer in question. State and city governments would also have been forbidden from questions regarding an officer’s finances or asking about the finances of their family,”the Washington Examiner reported.

The history Joe Biden has of being tough on crime won’t win him any points with the Democrats.

Biden needs minority support if he wants to be president which is why he hasn’t condemned the rioting.

Somehow the “progressive” left seems to feel that stealing, destruction, and even murder of blacks are justifiable by protesters at the moment.

The Constitution gives people the right to peacefully gather and protest but does not give the right to riot and terrorize cities.

“Joe Biden, by contrast, took days to say anything about the violence and then did so only in passing,” said reelection campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh.“To make it worse, at least 13 of his campaign staffers bragged about donating to a fund that posts bail for people arrested for rioting in Minneapolis. The Biden team, then, is effectively funding the rioters who are burning Minneapolis to the ground. That’s egregious.”

Joe Biden’s history will make it hard for him to appeal to the radical left and he’s a moderate in the worst possible way.

His idea to solve police shootings is to have police shoot arms and legs instead of at the chest.

“Instead of standing there and teaching a cop when there’s an unarmed person coming at ‘em with a knife or something, shoot ‘em in the leg instead of in the heart,” he said to religious leaders in Wilmington, Delaware.

Advice like that makes no one happy with him.

Joe Biden was promoted by Democrat leadership because they felt he had the best shot of winning the election.

If Joe Biden had no record and wasn’t saying insane statements, the Democrats would have a far easier time with reelection.

Biden has to support the rioters because otherwise his record of supporting police officers will come back to haunt him, but increased racial tensions still may not work out in his favor if the violence gets too out of hand.